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Yoyogi Park

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the ride! That was fun. An average speed through the park of 37.5 kph. Sounds wreckless BUT the video shows it was not. Fast but conservative - you're a real pro :cool:

The picture quality was excellent. What camera do you use? How do you attach the camera to the bike? How do you damp the vibration? The sound was also excellent. Most bike videos suffer horrendous wind noise. How did you manage to muffle the microphone without losing directional sound, e.g., the bongo drum's were very clear and sharp.


yep, very well done. I'd like to make a DVD like that of common race courses...
Made one from the car of Lake Saiko (10km X 15 minutes) Race pace. I use it for indoor training....

I'd also like to attach a camera to my bike in a race someday.

Did you tape it on? Seen that before. I made a camera mount for the handle bars attached to a light clamp but have never used it.
Should we be worried?

cool vid, heavy breathing was really exciting.:p

Should we be worried by this comment?:eek: it adds to the atmosphere but in no way do I find the breathing EXCITING
it is a great vid though. I've never been to Yoyogi when it is so quiet though, when did you do this ? everytime I go up there you can't move for runners.

You'll have to post the secrets of attaching the camera, I was considering fitting a camera for the Fuji Hill Climb so that I can relive every painful pedal stroke when I return to the UK
Video Secrets

Hi, thanks for everyone's positive comments :D

My video setup to do this involves a camcorder, remote camera (bullet cam shown in the picture attached), a dedicated microphone and what feels like 500m of cable to connect it all together. The remote camera can be attached pretty much anywhere; for this vid I used a velcro strap at the front of the top-tube. It can also go on the bars or on my helmet. I generally use the helmet mount for off-road, but it's nice to get a different view sometimes. The remote camera and the microphone plug into the camcorder, which sits in a pack on my back along with the batteries for the remote cam and microphone. The microphone has a foam wind shield; I just tuck the cable though a helmet strap and let it hang.

I took this vid at about 5pm on Sunday. Had good luck around that time for a quiet few laps.

The video quality is much higher than you see on youtube, which compresses the video quite severely. But the file is 63 MB :eek:

For a less elaborate setup, I have also attached a Sony digital still camera (in video mode) to the handlebars of my bike using a small flexible tripod. Two legs were bent out sideways and taped to the handlebar and the third taped to the stem, it worked pretty well, even off road!

Only just saw it now...

That really was cool Alan!
Looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.
Great video


Great video.

As I am about to move to Tokyo and since I will live not too far from Yoyogi park I am interested in knowing who long that filmed track is? Not too many people in the video so obviously this must have been on a fairly quiet day or what?
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