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May 1, 2008
Most of us cyclists may be paying greatest consideration and money on renewing records of our own top speed on flat roads. As far as I know, my computer of the bike recorded mine is 43 km/h though, it is really very hard to sustain it more than 5 minutes or so. Accordingly my average speed is 30 km/h or so and naturally it changes depends on the condition. Therefore I eager to know how you guys like mountain goats drive your bike in terms of top speed. Any posts and comments will be really appreciated.:confused:

57 mph

So sorry am not too sharp with the metrics. I have been trying to break the 60 mph barrier all my life. Manny Mt. passes extreme tucking 60 tooth chainring etc. But so far my best speed is 57 mph. On a 3 Rensho tandem, Bainbridge island Chilly Hilly ride. My stoker wasn't but she peddled. TODO
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