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Speeding Up
Jun 22, 2008
Finally: 84.5 km/hr

It took me over three years to improve my previous record from the Transalp 2011 by barely 0.2 km/hr but finally it could be done. So I took the occassion to finalize this rather old thread.

I was racing with the Bremen Team at the 24 hour race on the Nürburgring formular one track in Germany last weekend. I know already from previous races at the Fuji formula one track that these racing circuits are not necesarily flat. However, the old (pre-war) circuit of the Nürburgring is in a class on its own: 25 km long and more than 500 elevation meters per lap. Gradients up to 17%, up and down. Going up from "Bergwerk" to "Stefan Bellofs Curve" is hard work and riding down the slope of the "Fuchsröhre" I could reach almost 85 km/hr. Which is rather slow in comparison to other racers, Philipp from my team hit the 110 km/hr mark (photo). This is all very fine and safe during daylight hours but during the night it is just crazy.




Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
59.8 on the flat with no help or wind....breaking 50 is a challenge at the moment.... tempted to get a TT bike....

and yes...great pic...
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