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Sep 24, 2007
Did the Tour de Christoph with Simon yesterday and it was a great ride. When I got home I was checking out my stats on the computer and was blown away to see a max speed of 103.2km/h! My computer has always been accurate but this must be a mistake. I was drafting cars a few times but I'm sure they weren't going that fast.

Simon, did you get a speed anything like this?

To all riders, what are some of your top speeds?

I clocked you guys going in the opposite direction down 413 as I was on my way with Thomas and Serghey to Yamanakako.

Top speed for me so far over similar territory has been 70.4km/hr.

Charles aka chazzer
When I got home I was checking out my stats on the computer and was blown away to see a max speed of 103.2km/h!
To all riders, what are some of your top speeds?

71.9 km/h at Fuji Azami Line (during the training ride, not race) - I now don't have any confidence to score it again.

Mike, I once had max 168 km/h on my computer - that was some downhill! :eek: In my case, I think, it happened when I stopped at a traffic light with the wheel sensor right against the transmitter - a tiny quick movement of the wheel back and forth - and there you go. But it's just my theory :)
Chazzer, yep that was us yesterday going down 413. By the time I realized it was Thomas going in the opposite direction it was already too late to turn around and say G'day.

Yeah I'm sure it was a mistake, as my top speed up until now has been around the same as you guys i.e. 70km/h or there abouts.

Would like to think I topped 100km/h though!:)
Speedy Gonzales

Road bike (Japan, Route 410 in Boso): 73 km/h
Road bike (Japan, Tomi-no-Mori south side): 76 km/h
Road bike (UK, near Aboyne): 80.5 km/h (quite scary, that was)
Mountainbike (Japan, Fujimi "A" course): 48 km/h
Mountainbike (UK, Pentland Hills): 70.8 km/h
Mountainbike (UK, at night, big headlights): 69 km/h (also pretty frightening)

"Speed is your friend! :D"
67 km/h-ish. I need one of those stickers that trucks and buses have, except it would read: "This vehicle brakes on hills."
Mike, thanks for the ride! Was very enjoyable :)
My top speed for that day was 68.0, coming down route 35.

92kph going down hill on the coast in Portugal.
88kph going down hill on 246 at Nagatsuda.

That was when I was young and even stupider than now. I don't think my nerves could take quite that speed anymore. The biggest number I've seen this year is 78kph.

75.3 km / h Approaching Hiyoshi Dam on 13 Aug 07.

Not the same day but a bit of fun (yes no helmet but he doesn't listen to me)
Top Speed

- Around 72 km/hr going down a wide fast road in Noto Hanto at the Noto 400 Tour last year.

- Close to 70 km/hr coming down from the Totsuka Country Club on the way to work.

- More than 60 km/hr at the finishing sprint in Hitachi Naka last year (flat)

If you use a wireless speedmeter you may encounter interference of railway signaling equipment. After leaving home I usually pass below a combined railway bridge/station, and that's where I normally reach my top speed 110 km/hr and my top heart rate 260 bpm. There is no influence on the cadence which is connected by wire.

Of course, theoretically you could also move your front wheel back and worth by small increments so that the sensor and the spoke magnet come into multiple contacts within a short period of time.
Pretty interesting that the average max appears to be around 70km. I find that as I get over 65km/h I either don't notice it (if it's a good empty road) or I get a bit scared (which is the most common). I think my max to date has been 68.3km/h.

Does anyone know what pro's can do by comparison? For instance, in the 2007 Tour de France a top speed of xxkm/h was registered. I googled it, but it seemed a bit difficult to find the data.

It's my average speed that i'd like to increase the most. This is only around 21km/h.
Anti skid/drift stripes

I used to hit 85 kph fairly regularly coming down a hill close to my house in Los Angeles. In Japan, my top speeds been about 75. For me, the pesky anti skid (aka anti "drifting") stripes disrupt the smooth flow through corners and make cornering less fun.
Had my 2003 TDF DVD on last night while I was on the roller and saw Beloki go down and snap his pelvis in half (Armstrong curves around him and through the paddock).

They are the kind of visions I get when I'm going fast down a hill.

I've heard some of the sprints go over 70kph in the TDF. I've heard that keirin riders can go over 80kph on the track.
Was watching the highlights for stage 13 of the tdf, and they provided some stats on speeds.

Apparently the average speed is 41.73km/h. On ascents around 15km/h. On descents around 100km/h with some top speeds of 115km/h recorded.
70kph going down Kusatsu after the race in 2006.

However, now I have children....:eek:
To Speed Places

... yesterday 72.3 km/hr coming down from Tsuru Pass in direction Kosuge.

Here are my favorite places for going fast around Tokyo :

1. Hachioji Cementry
coming from route 20 and turning left at Takao station, than one more left
first an uphill climb, then the road leads down through the Tokyo cementry

2. Totsuka Country Club
on my way to work the last and fastest downhill

3. Tsuru Pass downhill to Kosuge
After all the climbing a nice and fast downhill
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