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Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Hi, all!

It's been almost a year since I bought my bike, which I've been riding mostly for training, fun rides. I've been told many times that it's better to take your bike for an overhaul at least once a year (which is still not too cheap). I, personally, find it a good advice, as, lately, I have started noticing small creaks and clicks, which cannot be fixed by simple cleaning, lubricating, tightening and other basic maintenance operations...

The point is, that in all LBS, overhaul menu contains a number of things which can be done at home (for the price of your time and tools).
When you feel, that you've been riding your bike long enough to "give it a break" (...strong desire to write "her" instead of "it" could be a sign of riding long enough... :D) - do you take it for a complete overhaul, or just ask LBS to take care of the parts, which are difficult for you (like hubs, spokes, BBs, etc.) ?
Maybe you ride until the first sign of a problem and just take it to LBS to fix this only problem (the words "complete bike maintenance" do not exist for you)?

I need a resolve to part with my money, actually :) (should I, really?)
My LBS usually fix all my noises for free. All I have to do is wheel it in and say it's making a funny noise here. Before a race, I wheel it in and ask them to look at the brakes that may be a bit loose (cables stretch) or adjust the gears. Maybe they charge other customers for this and I always offer to pay...but usually I get it for free.

I had a bad noise the other day and it was only happening on my right down pedal. It took me 2 days to realize my drink holder had a screw that was unwinding itself. Easy to fix that. A good wash and oil in the right places usually fixes my problem areas. It is a good habit to really listen to every noise while riding and try and understand where and why the noise is. Don't ignore them.

Some LBSs charge a lot for an overhaul. I don't think it is worth it though. If you look after your bike properly nothing much should go wrong with it. The first six months nuts and bolts may unwind a bit but just keep your eye on them and tighten them up if you find some loose ends. Normally a new bike will be under warranty for the 1st year and any LBS should do the maintenance for free for that.

I think I'd have given up riding a long time ago if I was paying out extra for maintenance. Get your fingers dirty and do it yourself. If pain persists, see a doctor.

My brake pads are 4 plus years old and still OK according to my shop. NO t long now before I need to replace them though. That's the benefit of not riding up and DOWN hills too often.
Speaking of strange noises, yesterday I spent hours fretting over a constant 'click click'. Detective work failed to find the culprit ~ until I looked at my left foot. One of my shoe laces was brushing against the crank...

Best to ride next to someone & ask them to 'look' for the noise. They can be hard to identify from the saddlle.
Bloody Noises!

I had a nasty noise coming from the crankset (that's what I thought anyway) when applying power. I had tried in vain to tighten all the right bolts and went to my LBS where the owner and I spent about an hour last night tightening things and listening. We came to the point when we had no choice but to start replacing components and the first thing to go was the bottom bracket, which is now Dura Ace. However the noise still persisted. He thought it might be coming from my wheel and changed it over for one of his. No more noise! Oh CRAP I thought to myself, they're new HED wheels! Anyway we tried my wheel again and low and behold no more noise! What the heck? Perhaps the wheel wasn't sitting in flush? He wasn't sure either but seemed to doubt that it was the bottom bracket after all. Anway, she's all better now and no more noises, so I can sleep easier knowing that my baby is once again in perfect working order.

And Sergey, it's absolutely ALRIGHT to call your bike she. I also kiss mine before sleeping:D Oh and the other day at a party I found myself showing showing friends pictures of her on my keitai like a proud father. One of mates pointed out that it wasn't alive, but simply a machine. I beg to differ and was insulted by his comment!
My local LBS have been very good to me: they've have re-adjusted cables and things that i've tried to adjust and failed at. They normally waive the cost as well, even though I would happily pay. I booked my old bike in for an annual service (chain, spokes, cables, tyres) and it made a lot of difference.

Since I've had the newer bike I've had a creaking sound on the handlebars which is probably due to me not setting it at the right torque as I don't have a torque wrench. I've been thinking of having a five month check over so might see about this at the time.
Mike, I was interested to see what the cause of your noise was. I have a similar noise, but it actually is something around the crank. I went through the same routine of tightening everything I could, but it persists. I'm not about to replace anything, so I'll just wait for the noise to get more serious.

I would probably be more concerned if I spent as much time and money on my bike as most of you guys. I'm clearly not at the point of calling my bike a "she." In fact, after yesterday's ride, I might be a little further away. I rode the better part of a 120km route into the most frustrating head wind I've ever experienced. After about 100km, the idea of cycling was pretty unappealing to me.
I was curious if anyone knows of a good place to get a frame repainted? I have an old Pinarello Opera frame that needs a good paint job. I can get it done by sending it to the states, but with shipping both ways it gets quite expensive.

My LBS uses Kadowaki Coating. Have never seen their work myself, but they might be an option for you.


Link to Kadowaki is near the top of the page. Don't know the cost, but one of linked photo pages mentions ¥35,000. Not cheap, by any means.

Another option is ...

I was curious if anyone knows of a good place to get a frame repainted? I have an old Pinarello Opera frame that needs a good paint job. I can get it done by sending it to the states, but with shipping both ways it gets quite expensive.

James check out these guys. http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f73029491
Asking at a local LBS will probably bring good results too. Just remember preparation makes a good paint job and you always get what you pay for.
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