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Official Ride Yokota Friendship Festival 2007 (18th TCC Tour)

Shinjuku at 9:00

Should be all clear work wise - no trips to China this week so I'll meet you guys at Shinjuku 9:00am

Looking forward to it

Sorry for my late reply.

I will be Shinjuku at 9:00.

See you!
Yokota Friendship Day

My sister-in-law is getting married the day of the trip, otherwise I`d go.

Have fun!

Due to a few last-minute confirmations, it looks like there will be 16 people riding out of Shinjuku at 9:30.

I'll leave home at 8am, and meet Thomas in Kameido at 8:30 on the corner of Rte.14. We'll head straight towards Showa-dori and meet Shinobu-san and Naoko "SHIBAGON (Shibayama)" at 8:45. Then the four of us will head for Shinjuku station.

Once we get to Shinjuku at 9:00, we'll be meeting:

I LUV TEXAS > See you at McDonalds!
Walter, and your two friends from Europe > At McDonalds as well.
TrufflesEater (Dave) > There's a "Starbucks" just around the corner, so a coffee won't be too far away.
Trad (Todor) > See you at the same spot as usual!
AlanW & Naomi > Yoroshiku~! See you guys there!
gmason (Greg) > It will finally be nice to meet you.
Pete > Really glad you can be there too.
Elvis > Thanks for your PM's! Don't worry about getting home late; Just come along and enjoy the ride! See you there too.
Sora-san > 君が居ないライドの中は、星のない夜空だ!Really really happy that you can come to meet us all at Shinjuku too! Honto ni yokatta~!

Anyway, that's SIXTEEN people for the ride out of Shinjuku.

Along the way, there is still the possibility of meeting another 3 riders just north of Tachikawa station along Rte.7:

>Freeride39 (Shay),
>araim1 (Arai-san),

We'll be riding along Itsukaichi-kaido about 2.5km (1.5miles) north of Tachikawa at around 10:45 - 10:55. The easiest place to meet us is on the corner of Rte.153 & Rte.7.
Rte.153 is a long straight road with a large traffic-island in the middle heading directly north from Tachikawa station - It goes right past "Showa-kinen-koen - 昭和記念公園" where we did the Tokyo-Enduro race. It runs directly into Rte.7, so there's no way you can get lost.

The only other people we're waiting for confirmation from are:
>ayasechick: Are you still planning to come? If so, where do you want to meet? How about Rte.16, just north of Haijima station, where Rte.7 runs straight into it?
>tokyoscoop: You replied very early to say you would join us too, but we haven't heard anything from you after that - Hope you're OK!
>norihikoh: Same with you - Can you join us, or not?

After we roll past Haijima station, and get onto Rte.16, we need to make one more brief stop at "Ushihama" station to pick up Nobu-chan, and any other people who want to come by train at 11:20. From there, we'll all head to the No.5 Supply-gate to enjoy the festivities.

PLEASE, Don't forget to bring "photo-ID"! If you've been in Japan long enough, you should have a "gaijin-card". If you don't have one yet, you'll need to bring your passport. For Japanese nationals, you will only need your drivers-license or some other identification with a photo on it.
DON'T FORGET! As friendly as we are most of the time, I don't think many of of us would be willing enough to ride back home with you, because you forgot to bring some identification along.

See you all tomorrow morning:D
Meeting spot

Let me make modifications. Sorry for any confusion that may cause.

I want to just ride a bike for a longer distance. I will come down to Shinjuku and meet you at the South exit of Shinjuku.

My friend, okey san, wants to see Marathon of World Championships in Athletics Osaka in the morning, will be waiting at the corner of Ome kaido and Kanpachi.

Minoru Arai
Thanks Arai-san! Number 17.

With you joining us in Shinjuku, that will make 17 people riding out from there.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows where to be, and at what time, so...
See you all there tomorrow morning!
Rubber down!
I'll join.


I'm sorrry to join in suddenly.
I'll wait at the corner of OumeKaido and NakasugiDori(Suginami-Gaverment -Office) from 9:30.
Without my guests

Sorry, my guests are too tired from their "Kamakura Walk" yesterdayhttps://tokyocycle.com/bbs/images/smilies/tongue.gif
:p I will come alone at 09:00 to Shinjuku

Hey good times

Hey I had the best time at this year's Friendship Festival, despite of the little bit of Visa, base clearance, and bike drama it was still great! The night topped off right with a good time at Ishikawa Brewery, still the best beer out there....LOL. Yes I will see you all soon and take care! Great Times!

I do have one question, it was strange seeing NOBU without a bike or no cycling gear on....LOL!
thank you , Shay and Travis

Again, I am very sorry I had to leave early today. After that , I had another great fire work festival in my town. But I really wanted to spend more time at Ishikawa brewery with you all.

thank you again,

Minoru Arai
It was a great fun!

I've got home around 11:30 last night. It was quicker than I thought.
thank you, okey-san for pulling me to Asagaya without your help, I could have taken longer to get home^^;

Shay, thank you for invitation. My wife enjoying the chips and Salsa(lol)

Thamas, Sora-san, it was nice to see you again. I hope I can participate more event^^

And I thank you all. It was so fun to ride together with 15 people!
You all made my summer vacation very fantastic.

See you soon!:p

> Sha-san,
thank you for your efforts to organise the tour! The Ishikawa's beer becomes one of the best beer for me in 2007. :D

> Tora-san,

> to all,
thank you for joining the tour, I was happy to share the tour with you.

> kuni(ILT)-san,
will you upload your attached photos to Gallery?:)
The ladies in front of F-15 will be looking forward to seeing them.

Btw, when I wanted to order 16 pitchers of beer, everybody laughed. Why?:mad: As a result, we ordered 11..... Not so far from I had expected.:p

Thank you again for that nice tour!
Hope you can see my uploaded picture

Thanks to Sha and Travis and all the TCC riders for a fun and interesting day out on the air base. :D

It was damn good beer. Loved the Pale Ale. :p

Thanks again everyone.
Thank you everyone!

Shay-san,Tra-san,and everyone.ARIGATOU:D

Beer and Beowulf

Thanks to the guys who put forth the idea for this ride, and
thanks as well as to those who pulled it off.
Thanks to Shay for being such a gracious host.
Thanks to everyone for being patient, enduring and convivial.
Thanks to the Ishikawa Brewery for being a charming haven for repair and repast.
And thanks to one and all for making it home safely.


P.S. Who could have guessed what a blast it would be to ride, a dozen strong,
back to central Tokyo at night on Route 20? Hail to the power of good beer and
the giant glowworm!
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