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Yokota AB questions


Aug 30, 2012
Hey everyone just joined to get a few questions answered maybe even hang out with a few of you guys once I come out. I leave for Yokota on the 17th will be there the 18th. My question is I've been wanting a mountain bike for a good while now I've done some research and looks like I'm in the market for a giant trance x4 I've been trying to find some locally on Craigslist and even in Tokyo Craigslist but havent had much luck, now if I can't find any used ill more than likely shell out the cash for a new one. Should I wait till I get to Yokota to buy new or buy new in the states. I'm not sure what LBS' are around Yokota and I'm not sure what the difference in shipping would be Japan vs America. Any input would be appreciated, maybe even a different bike choice? For the price difference would the yukon fx be a better choice for me?


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Dec 4, 2006
If you are anywhere close to 6' or higher, my bet is that you're better off getting the bike in the US.

Yokota has a cycling club that's pretty active for both road and mtn; and they also have a classified section. If you haven't seen this site, recommend you check out - http://yokotacyclingclub.com/

For what ever its worth, I'd recommend bringing both mtn and road. I used to ride mostly mtn back in the states, but my mtn bikes haven't seen dirt in years. For those of us close to tokyo, it's a bit of a haul to get to the trails. If you live on or close to base, you're in luck since decent riding is 20 mins away by car...


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May 25, 2009
Welcome to the TCC,

Ok - unfortunately nobody here can answer that question as we aren't millitary personnel or have access to the FX on bases so you are better off talking to someone on base about this.

Best way to do this is talk to the guys on the facebook page:


Yokota also has its own cycling club and I beleive a bike shop either very close to the base or actually on the base - im not sure but again the guys at MTB Gaijin can point you in the right direction.

In regards to Craiglist here in Japan - items are going to be very limited most use other native sales pages or just dump them at second hand bike stores.

What you need to understand though however is that unlike the US or Europe where second hand goods are heavily reduced out here they aren't - normally they are either totally trashed or in mint condition so if you are looking for used buy in the US.

But like I said talk to the guys at Mountain bike Gaijin as they will be able to shed a much bigger picture on the subject.
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