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Ride Yokosuka Area. Official Ride Thread.

Nice one. I wish I could have joined this ride. Hope to see some pics and/or read a few lines about how it turned out.
Just like last week... another "change it up" weekend!
2 meetup points...
Mikasa 7-11 in Yokosuka 0600
Red Lobster in Zushi 0630

We will head out to Odawara for a nice beach ride. The weather seems to be cooperative so expect a fun ride with occasional sprints if you want.
Two options tomorrow.
0600 mikasa 711, yabitsu ride.

0900 zushi station, mtb ride.

I will be off road, but the normal crew is off to yabitsu
Normal loop this Saturday -
0600 Start at Mikasa/Womble Gate 7-11.

75ish km and 32kph on the flat... give or take.
We are back to our Winter start times - 0700!

I have spent more time on the MTB than the road bike lately and that trend will continue this weekend, however some of my buddies will be together and always open to adding some new riders to the group.

Reminder -it is a 20mph ride usually - but ramps up depending on who shows.
Minimum loop is 65km... some continue on to get some additional distance.
Still doing the loop - looks like this Saturday will be great weather for some good views of Fuji.
0700 - Mikasa 7-11
Hi, I'm new to Japan and looking for a group to go ride with. I live on the main base at Yokosuka. I know it's winter but was hoping there would still be an occasional ride?
It is not an occasional ride - but still standing every week.
We will be at the 7-11 just outside of Womble Gate tomorrow morning at 0700.

Looking forward to riding with you!
If you still want more, there will be a half-fast group ride (hammerfestNOT) on Saturday starting from Keikyu Kurihama station @10.30 and going clockwise around to Zushi with breaks for beer, lunch, slowness etc.
I will be on my mtb this weekend, but others will be there. The pace varies, but 20mph is normal. Depending on who shows, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.
Saturday Morning Rides in the Yokosuka Area -

I ride the Miura Peninsula pretty much every Saturday morning with 'Team RWB'. At a minimum, ride a loop of 60km. Sometimes several riders want a little more, so we head out 134 west when we hit Zushi.

For anyone in the Zushi/Kamakura/Hayama/Yokosuka area - this is a fun loop that has you home well before lunch. Depending on the weather and mood, we often stop at Starbucks in Hayama or Barefoot Cafe in Zushi for coffee and some social time.

Rolling speeds are between 32-38km on the flats. I suck at climbing (seriously), so the pace drops considerably when inclines are above 4%. Those that are fast continue to the top and wait for the stragglers. Those that are slower just suffer through it, but know we will regroup and continue on with no egos.

Last week in the wind, two of us headed out and this is what we did.

sometimes we change it up and head to Oiso like this...

Drop the following in a google search for the meet up spot.

35.283072, 139.668778

Currently we are starting at 0700, but as summer rolls in and the temps get warmer, it will possibly change to 0600 to beat the heat.

This hopefully gives you everything you need.
Drop the following in a google search for the meet up spot.

35.283072, 139.668778

There is a 711 right by mikasa park
*Note - Due to being out-voted the rides will start at 0800 for the next couple months.
Tomorrow's ride is canceled.
This isn't going to stop everyone from riding, but it allows everyone flexibility in case of bad weather.
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