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Yokohama to Takao

Peter C

Aug 23, 2009
saturday , start approx 8.30 am Ishikawacho cycling to Takao.
Route - a few traffic lights to Kamakura, route 134, passed Enoshima and upto Hadano, quick break then - Yabitsu pass, upto Fuzino, and finish with Wada pass ending up at Takao. Approx 140 km, 2000m direct but willing to explore.

Not too sure if there will be any ice - last time i did this on both descents there were patches

Sorry I don't want to join you, as I live towards the destination end of your route, and (the main reason!) either Yabitsu or Wada in a single day is enough for ~ both would kill me ....

The reason I am replying, is that I'd like some advice on the best/nicest/ easiest, whatever, route from Hadano to Enoshima.

I am planning a half-in-the-dark morning ride from Machida>Tank Rd>Yabitsu>Hadano>Enoshima>Machida, via Sakai river. The only part unfamiliar to me is Hadano>Enoshima.

By the way, a few days ago on your descent route from Yabitsu pass there were some very nasty (and thick) ice patches where streams crossed the road. I would hate to slam into those on the way down, but with care they shouldn't be much of a problem.
the aim of my route is to get to hadano as quickly as possible and onto traffic free roads - straight on the 134, which once past Enoshima is fast, then turn onto the 62 before Oiso, north passed Tokai University - which is a fairly quite area with a few small hills. It looks like in this area there are a few other possibilities which would also be worth exploring. Hope this helps
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