Race yahiko track meeting


Maximum Pace
Jun 23, 2018
JCRC is a very friendly set up and open to all abilities so I wouldn't worry.

For a track meet, if you are nervous, I'd recommend just doing the TTs as it's just you on your own against the clock.

If you ever decide to join one of their road races, they have a number of categories from beginner to expert. Numbers are usually small too, so it's safe and a good way to get a feel for racing.

But yeah, just go for it!

Thanks Andy🙏 Looking forward to trying this!


Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
I was looking at the JCRC races - I wish they weren't so far away. But they do look like a good opportunity to get into well-managed events. .

Anyway - if I understand correctly, the JCRC (Japan Cycle Racing Kyokai, 日本サイクルレーシングクラブ協会) is an association for local amateur bike race events, while the JCF (Japan Cycling Federation, 日本自転車競技連盟 ) is for pros? I guess low-level amateur cyclists such as myself wouldn't need a JCF license, right?
JCF is the national cycling association. JBCF is the elite and professional (J Pro Tour) racing association. JCRC is grassroots.