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Yabitsu Pass and Yamanaka-ko Lake


Feb 17, 2007
Hello together,

for next Saturday (May 12th) Philip and I planing to go to Yabitsu Pass and Yamanaka-ko.
We`re meeting at Eda station at the 246, from there it goes by the 246 untill Aiko Ishida, up the 64 and then to the road 70 to Yabitsu pass and down to Hadano. There we turn right for some further km on the 246 untill we go up to Yamanakao (road 138). Then we going to have two possibilities - maybe the 413 or the way to Fuji Yoshida and the 35, 517 and so on back to the 16 and 246 (which I would suggest)....

If someone wants to join just let us know....
I do not have an idea how far it is - it should be something close to 200km.
As starting time I would suggest something like 6:00 to 7:00.

The Virgin Cinelli Ride! (Christoph has a new bike)

Thanks Christoph,

I have mapped the route. From Eda station return is 215KM (245KM from Kannana Dori/R246). The total elevation to be climbed is 2,177 meters. See the route here:


When viewing the map use the menu in the left margin to select KM (rather than miles) and the 'elevation tab' at the bottom of the map to view an elevation chart.

Given the distance and climbing I suggest we leave Eda station at 6:00AM to arrive back at a reasonable hour. I can meet anyone coming from Tokyo on R246 at the crossing of Kannana Dori (R318). We would need to meet between 5:00AM to leave by 5:15AM.

According to NHK the weather looks good :cool:


:D :D :D
Thanks Philip - that sound really good!!!

Who else ?:angel:

See you

R35 & R517 . . .


If we skip lunch we could probably return via R35 (your preferred route). It would add about 25 KM. We can review that decision when we reach Yamanaka-ko based on the time we arrive.


hello philip

nice idea - even if we going to miss your favrite denny's...
but it look like no one want to join us ;) ;)

Marketing . . .

Only 2 out of 172 members - it appears we need to improve our popularity :bike3:

What's not to like? The 5:00AM start? The 250 km? The 2 km climb? No breaks? Heck, it's not even raining! :rolleyes:

Christoph, we had better work on a marketing plan.

Sorrry Philip!

It would be great training for Itoigawa the following week, but this weekend has been designated "quality time with the fiance"!
Besides, my bike's still in the shop having some maintenance done - it developed a "knock" in the bottom-bracket crank area after Tohoku.
How are you for Itoigawa though?
Later! T
Only 2 out of 172 members - it appears we need to improve our popularity :bike3:

What's not to like? The 5:00AM start? The 250 km? The 2 km climb? No breaks? Heck, it's not even raining! :rolleyes:

Christoph, we had better work on a marketing plan.


When in doubt, free beer works.
Ok . . .

I will buy anyone who completes the entire ride (on their bicycle) one free beer!

Signed Christoph
I offering the same!!

Signed Philip :p

p.s.: Hey philip we can offer - it would not make us bankrupt...

I will buy anyone who completes the entire ride (on their bicycle) one free beer!

Signed Christoph
Other creative marketing free beer ideas . . .

A) Maillot jaune (overall leader)

B) Maillot vert (sprint points)

C) King of the mountains

However, I think Christoph will end up drinking a lot beer and I will end up paying for everything! :(

D) Maillot blanc (best placed novice)

Now that sounds good! :)


A prize for coming last . . .

Alan, that is brilliant! On the other hand, we don't want to attract the wrong type of clientele and I have some competitive pride :D

Final roll call . . .

I have compiled the final list of participants in tomorrows unofficial tour. Please see below for details. You can use the search function in your browser to locate your name quickly.

Participants List:
1) Christoph
2) Philip

Meet Saturday 12 May, 06:00 at Eda Station

All participants are advised that there is a current 'crack down' by the police against cyclists not observing the highway code (see Sora-sans post). Therefore, we expect all participants to observe:
  • National speed limits (I think this is somewhere around 80 km/h)
  • Traffic signals (blue (foreigners think of this as green) means GO!, yellow means GO LIKE HELL!, and RED means TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CLOSE YOUR EYES!)
  • The pavement should only be used in emergencies and at all times in preference to using your brakes
  • Appropriate hand signals should be used to indicate your intentions to other road users (especially those who manage to squeeze 2 tons of metal between you and the immediate left hand turn).
Please note: this is an alchohol and smoke free ride.
Hey Philip

if you gonna be faster than the police ....... nothing happens
that means fast erthan 80km/h:D :D

see you tomoroow
hello together

after my today´s relaxing tour a short summary of yesterday's joyride.
first of all - just missed a lot off drinks.:D

After the normal start at Eda station we had a godd and pretty quick trip at the 246 untill we turned right to Nanazawa and started climbing a little, just the last 2- 3 km befor the lake (I think something like Mi....? lake) had been slightly steeper. Then we crossed the lake and after turning left we went at the 70 first with some up's and down (and finally with only up) and twisty to the Yabitsu Pass. From the we had an nice down hill (incl. Philip´s first puncture) down to Hadano where we got back to the 246 untill Gotenba. The landscape of this part also had been very nice, unfortunatelly there als had been a lot of truck traffic. Also the 246 is going up for more or less the whole 30 km which we went up to Gotenba.
At Gotenba you are really close to Mt Fuji already bur it took us another 17 km climb to Kasaoka Pass (or something similar:eek:uch: ).
After an short downhill we reached Yamanaka-ko - the rest had been like mostly on this trip, we diceided to go the 35 and 517, which made it a nice 250km loop for me - Philip must finished the trip with something like 265 km ?

@ Philip, 1 hour more and you also had been somewhere at Niigata.....

Thank you Christoph . . .

The road upto Yabitsu pass follows a small gorge through woodland. I really enjoyed this section in the morning sunshine. Rejoining R246 after the detour around Yabitsu pass we had a 40 km climb to Gotemba and then 20 km to Yamanaka-ko on R318.

Churning out kilometer after kilometer of uphill grind was great training but mentally challenging. Mount Fuji stands out like a large moon in the night directly ahead of you. It seems as if you could reach out and touch it. But no matter how far you ride you never seem to get any closer. It was with a great sense of relief and achievement that we arrived at Yamanaka-ko.

With most of the climbing work done and 150 km under our wheels we enjoyed the fast roll down from the foot of Fuji-san to the start of R35 just outside Ootsuki. The ride along R35 and then R517 is always a pleasure and I always feel sad to leave the hills behind when we drop down onto R413 for the final 60 km back to Tokyo on R16 and R246. In total I covered 264 km.

In recent rides Christoph has encouraged me to do as much work in the big chainring in order to build strength. Today was a big day for me (literally) as I was able to spend the whole day in the big chainring. This is the first time I have ever been able to accomplish this! I was extremely pleased with myself.

As always I have much to thank Christoph for - helping me develop my cycling capability, leading the ride and planning a great route. It was another great day! Thank you Christoph.


from the "Outer-top guy"

Philip, staying in the big chainring...and for such a long distance...incredible feat!! (I surely couldn't replicate this) Christoph is right...using only the big chainring is a surefire way to build up your stamina. I (try to) do it all the time and it got me the nickname "the outer-top guy".

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