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Maximum Pace
Apr 9, 2007
XPLOVA...is anybody familiar with this new (?) contender on the GPS market?

The "G3" retails under 3-man...and batteries are exchangeable (ideal for extra long rides such as burubes (brevets)).

The "G5" (not available yet for Japan market) even comes with a voice guidance feature....

Looks extremely attractive to me...(would be more than happy to ditch the Edge 800 in exchange for something more user-friendly)


Speeding Up
Nov 30, 2010
Hello Tom,
I had a chance to try the G3, but personally I wouldn't recommend it over Edge 800.
Some pros and cons I've noticed other than what's being already advertised;

- Rechargeable battery BL-5C (or equivalent) used on some Nokia phones should be compatible as an affordable alternative.

- Map scroll is veeeeery slooooow.
- Map data shows streets in detail only for urban area. You can't expect any rindos showing on this unit. (Of course, you can edit courses on PC and transfer to the G3)
- Currently compatible ANT+ device is limited to HR sensor and speed/cadence "combo" sensor only. Separate "speed sensor" and/or "cadence sensor" won't work. Also, ANT+ power sensor doesn't work either. I have confirmed this with Xplova support, and they said this might be resolved in future software update.

HTH. Cheers,
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