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Classifieds WTB 58cm Roadie [Expired]

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Nov 14, 2011
kiwisimon posted a new question on the classified ad WTB 58cm Roadie.
Possibly some interest. If you don't mind putting him in contact - some detail/pics would be great.
I would prefer a full build so I don't have to spend my time and energy on someone else's project - but if the price is right and my buddy is into it, it could work.


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Jun 26, 2017
There are a couple of 58 CAAD10 on Mercari for under 100,000. Alu frame, old 105 parts mix. There's also a very flash 58 Cervelo S2 with 105 that is 100,000 shipped.
On Yahoo Auctions, there's not much, but this steel is real Araya Raleigh is pretty cool, esp for someone only dabbling in road bikes. It's a 57, but will probably have old skool relaxed geo. Check the stack and reach to see.
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