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World Championships

So, I didn't watch the race. I read the article in cycling news. Kinda shocked about the winner, but it's cool.
Sanches didn't work with Cancellara then didn't bridge to his teammate when Evans dropped the hammer, then complained he had great legs and could've won at the end of the race. Well Sanches, if you did have great legs you didn't have a great head because you blew two chances. Evans had a strong mind and wanted it more and had the form. Good on him.
Watched it as well - very impressive, Cadel was unstoppable!
I guess he deserved it after missing out in Tour and Vuelta

Great that Cadel took it. Who said that he never attacks? Me. :eek:

Thanks for the YouTube link Pete.

Yeah, really glad I stayed to the end. Gutsy, gutsy move by Cadel, that was a fantastic 5km to watch. Really good to see him win a big race, especially after the bad luck he's had this year in the Vuelta etc. Congrats!
Congrats cadel...you da man!

Now that is called putting the hammer down. Man he flew away from everyone. A very reserved celebration as he crossed the line too, so Cadelish! Pity he comes across as such a douchebag when talking to the media.
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