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Winter training: Tomin-no-mori, Nokogiri-yama


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Date: Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008
Time: 0530
Meeting place: Yasukuni dori koban
Route: R20/Tamagawa cycle path - Itsukaichi - R33 (up Tomin-no-mori) - Nokogiri-yama - back to Tokyo
Purpose: winter training
Participants: anyone up for masochist hill climbing (so far Elvis, Shinobu-san, Thomas)



I am back in Japan since being away from mid 2007, and am interested.

How long a ride will this be? And is the climb comparible to Yabitsu?

Am checking as I've been off the bike for 2 months due to surgery, and have just returned to training in the last couple of weeks.

Hi Valentino,

sorry to hear about your surgery, I hope you are fine.

In terms of distance we expect to cover about 220+km from and back to eastern Tokyo. Tomin-no-mori is indeed comparable to Yabitsu-toge, but Nokogiri-yama is a tad more challenging as far as gradient and road conditions are concerned. However, this will be a gentle, non-competitive ride. :)
Tomin-no mori

Hello Thomas

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

Sounds like a great ride; particularly in that people can have a bit of fun riding a bike and is not limited to simply "training" as was my whole of 2007 :)

Regrettably, I'll have to pass on this one as my coach still has me on maximum rides of about 2 hours. I'm incrementally returning to previous form, and will keep an eye out for when you guys ride next. I'll look forward to joining you soon!

All the best
And all the best to you too, Val! I do hope to see you soon on one of our rides. :D
Pleasure from Pain & Humiliation!

Hey, I'm up for that! My bike, however, needs a couple of repairs. I'll be there at 5:30
unless the repairs are more complex than I anticipate. Needless to say, don't wait even
a minute if I'm not there.

Tomin-no mori

Thank you very much Thomas...you most certainly will!

Am training everyday to get back "up to speed" :)

All the best
I am going to Ibaraki on Sat for New Year's Cycling so afraid my master's tolerance will not extent that far!

Anyway, I have included a pic of last year's Tour de Okutama (Jan 2007).

Don't forget the ropes!

have fun!

Cold Fu Shun

Bike is ready to go. Hope I can say the same thing about the rider in a few hours, but
sleep or no I'll be at the Yasukuni Dori Koban at 5:30.

Bike is ready to go. Hope I can say the same thing about the rider in a few hours, but
sleep or no I'll be at the Yasukuni Dori Koban at 5:30.

Looking forward to riding with you, Dave! :)

Oh, and everyone: please bring lights (front/rear)! :warau:
Route: R20/Tamagawa cycle path - Itsukaichi - R33 (up Tomin-no-mori) - Nokogiri-yama - back to Tokyo

the hill you are going to climb might be other than nokogiri-yama where is located in bo-so peninsula.

any way, have a nice climb somewhere around tomin-no-mori.

Thank you!

Thank you very very much today.
We did Tomin-no-mori &Nokogiri-yama:p
Thanks for great time.ARIGATOU.
Looking forward to the next time:)

Thank you for gave us marron glace.oishikatta.
see you next time!
Shinobu-san, David, thanks for that marvelous ride today! :)

Elvis, we missed you a lot, and you've missed a lot too. Anyhow, thanks for seeing us off so early at our point of rendezvous despite your knee pain. Your marrons glacés were a great source of energy!

Indeed, we managed to climb both Tomin-no-mori and Nokogiri-yama, and it took just a tiny bit of sweet persuasion to lure Shinobu-san and David up the second hill. It was a fantastic ride, the road has been (more or less) cleared since I went up there last time with Philip (another pseudo-cyclocross tour of rock-climbing). Today we had to negotiate difficult terrain, patches of ice and snow, chilly temperatures and monkeys.

Icicles near the tunnel leading up to Nokogiri-yama

Thanks again for another lovely day of applied masochism. :D
Brr, looks chilly--but a great cycling start to the new year...
Great Ride !

I really wanted to do this one but could not escape as the family were still around. Well done - that looks like a really tough day out !!

I will be back in contention from next weekend, plus a few kilos that need shifting !

Popsicle Toes

What a ride! And flanked by two people who are absolute joy to ride with -- just love
'em both.

In fact this this ride was so sublime, after it was over :), that I purposely didn't post a
message yesterday: wanted to savor it bit longer before turning the digital page.

Thank you Thomas. Thank you Shinobu. I'll be going back to do this one often; hope
to see both of you there!

Winter training?

I am not sure you can call it "winter training" there. I am back on the U.S. East Coast and spent Christmas in Canada where I have been doing "winter training" The kind where your water bottle freezes solid! I miss riding in Japan this time of year....
missed ride

Hi guys

I missed this ride last time as had bad news from Europe the night before. Not mentioning my emotional state, I had to scramble for a flight and just got back.

Glad to hear everyone had a good time and I'll look forward to the next opportunity to ride with everyone once I've shaken off this jet lag, etc.

Warm regards
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