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Winter Jacket


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Anyone know a good shop that has plenty of winter jackets? I was at Sagami Cycle (Mitsukyo Station) yesterday and found a really nice blue Casseli Spunto jacket, but of course it wasn't in my size!!! How many times has that happened, gotta be my no.1 frustration in Japan.

Deej, I know you're happy with your jacket, what was it again...an Assos? a little pricey if I remember? The Casselli Spunto goes for around $180 US.

I tried to order a Spunto from Realcyclist but was hit with a $69 postage cost, holy sh^%! That was the end of that. I don't order that much online but can't remember ever paying so much for delivery.

Any ideas guys? links? Need help here as I wanna get out there and do some miles:confused:
Try the Y's Internation in Ueno.... they have 3 stores there and one is exclusively for clothing.
You can`t go wrong with a Gore jacket in their "windstopper" fabric.
Great fit, warm, quality materials, and will keep you dry in all but the heaviest downpours.
I've used Assos clothing for winter wear in England for a few years and now in Japan - typically airjacket, with a gilet if required and either roubaix or winter bib tights and find them excellant. Yes they are pricey, but with previous years models there are usually big discounts. In UK we usually ride a cheap old winter bike so coupled with good clothing theres never any excuse to get out on the bike. Well worth the investment for a British climate - but for Japan ??

On the assos website there is a link to japanese retailers if interested.
SILMOND is a good weave. i picked up a circa late 80's pearl izumi windjacket for 3200 yen at cycly and have been riding in the mountains every weekend (except last weekend) since mid december. my SILMOND is usually matched with a cinelli quick dry sleeveless undershirt, 2 heat tec civvies from uniqlo and another 80's vibe jersey for the pockets. so far so good even at 8am in the icy vallies. famliymart gloves with the rubber polkadot palms. downstairs i wear two pairs of my wifes wool stockings and some old jogging leggings. the whole outfit is on the road for about 7000 yen. i saw clay stuff convenience store specials pamphlets up his jacket on a cold day - that was pretty rambo. for rambo style chk my profile.
Mike, don't listen to Jules' Silmond ravings! He wants you to roll like a bag lady.

Silmond? That material is straight-up dangerous, and that's why it was gone before they invented clipless pedals. The human race wasn't ready for that kind of weave, so the aliens took it back. But somehow, one lavender jacket accidentally got left behind, and now it's in the hands of this man:


No, Mike, this is what you want:


Here's the review that inspired me to get my Assos 851 jacket (18,000 yen online from the U.K. Can't recall the site. Either Total Cycling or Chain Reaction.)

Hi Mike,

Hope all is well.

I also have the same jacket as Deej. I made the mistake of getting mine in Japan so paid an extra 1 man for the pleasure. Fit is very good. I don't think it's that warm though (I'm wearing it with a full length PI thermal undershirt with PI bib tights) - the wind break covering doesn't go low enough at the front so my lowerbelly can sometimes get a bit cold, as too can the underside of my arms & back where there is no wind protect material. I find that on descents I still need to pack a wind break - I'm not sure, but with my old Adidas top this was not necessary, though the cut was a lot less stylish.

Four pockets at the back of the Assos is very good. Also, fit at the neck is also pretty good. I think they have another jacket for really cold temperatures but that is stupidly expensive.

Thanks for the replies guys:D Fareeast, I called that shop in Ueno but unfortunately they don't have the castelli jacket I'm after. I might go and have a look anyway.

Deej, your post had me on the floor in fits of laughter man. Seriously dude, we've gotta go for a ride soon! No offense considering we've never met Jules, but kinda gotta agree with Deej on this one:thumb: Although the rambo outfits do remind me a bit of you Deej! Are we gonna see Rambo/Ironsword showdown this summer:confused:

Lee, haven't seen you for ages mate. Yeah all's good with me, hope the same for you. Thanks for the advice regarding the Assos jacket. It's actually quite pricey atm, over 28,000 yen at Chain reaction cycles. Deej, you got a really good deal. Not sure what to do.....
For something more subdued, I got this Rapha jacket last winter and it`s been amazing; more wind/waterproof than breathable, but it does have pit vents...


I got it online from the UK from Sigma, and they were great to deal with:


And there is a great little shop near Mitaka Station - Cyclehouse Ishida - that had an good stock of Rapha clothes last winter, and they actually had this jacket in XL. I would have bought mine here if I`d known....

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