Ride Winter Boso March 3


Maximum Pace
Basil and I are thinking of doing a Boso run this Sunday, and would love the company if anyone is interested. A good opportunity to hit some modest hills for those whose favorite toge are snowed out, and find some shelter from the incessant wind that's been a feature of this winter.

Start: South exit of Honda Station (誉田) on the JR Sotobo Line
Finish: Same
Time: March 3rd (Sunday), meet before 9 AM, rollout 9:15 AM sharp.
Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2180443
Pace: Will be moderate, LSD kind of thing, but terrain is harder than it looks so not recommended for beginners.

I'll try to finalize the route tomorrow, and also put up train info then.

Hope to see you there!


Maximum Pace

(JR Keisei to Soga, change there to the Sotobo bound for Mobara)


(JR Yokosuka/Sobu Kaisoku to Chiba, change there to the Sotobo bound for Mobara)

Gathering spot will be south exit, around the combini there.
Please note that Honda Station does NOT have lockers, although people have had luck stashing their stuff near the station... An option would be to get off at Chiba or Soga, both of which have lockers, and ride out from there.


Sep 2, 2009
Going up the rivers closer to me this Saturday, sorry.

Hope you have a good one, everybody.


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Looks like a small, quick group tomorrow, so if everyone is game I suggest we add the extra loop south of Kameyama Lake (the 三石山 climb that's we've done on the last few Boso rides). It'll add about 10-15 kms to the total distance.

I'm going to be driving to the station also and should be ready to go by 9 AM at the latest.

Wind is looking blustery again tomorrow, but not so bad down south and the hills will offer shelter, too.

Looking forward to it!


Maximum Pace
Great day today--we decided to add the extra loop and so it came out to a modest but climby 125 kms. Was struggling to keep up toward the end but was happy that I didn't slow things down as much as I feared I might. Wind wasn't a factor at all down there, in fact it felt like we had tailwinds both halves of the day(?). Got back to Honda at 2 pm, a Boso record I think.

Basil and Dylan > Cheers for the excellent company. Looking forward to the next one.

Olav > Sorry you couldn't make it, hope you get your wheel sorted soon.