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Winter Boso Backroads (Feb 6th)


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Sep 1, 2007
David (trucksan) and I were thinking of doing a moderate (pace & distance) ride down Boso way; might be an option if your inner bear is still hibernating and not yet ready for Sergey's faster run.

What: Short (110km) run through the hilly backroads of inner Boso at a moderate/LSD/winter miles/tempo/back in the saddle/sub-prime rate.
Where: Start and end at Honda Station.
When: Feb 6th. 9:30AM rollout. Should be back by 4pm latest.

South on the 128/147, which is the quickest and flattest route south into the mid-peninsula, then we hit the hills and rindos starting with the 172 (a new road for TCC rides). Up and down the rest of the way until we get back to Honda. Reasonably relaxed road bike pace. Might be a good option for TCC/Boso first-timers.

Usual train info

The JRエアポート成田・成田空港行 (JR Airport Narita) leaves Yokohama at 7:39, Shinagawa at 8:01, and Kinshicho at 8:18 direct to Chiba, where you can switch to the 8:54 Sotobo Line train to Honda, arr. 9:08. Other option is the JR Keiyo to Soga, then switching to the same Honda-bound train.

Meeting is at south exit. I'll have the car for anyone who needs to stow bags etc. (No lockers in the station).
Bosomy Boso

Count me in.

If anyone is interested in riding out from central Tokyo, I'd be up for that, too.

David > Great to have you along...hisashiburi, eh?

Thomas > Er, thanks for the input... :rolleyes: Please note, however, that I do not intend to get lost this time, so the schedule will be perfectly achievable. :cool:
Can you stand another david?

Phil, I`m definitely in to this; it`ll be good to meet you and finally see some Boso!

High possibility to join and experiece the first TCC Boso. I did some BOSO rides bofore but not this route.

Only issue is the distance from my place. It may take three hours to the meeting place.

Minoru Arai
David > Rides of the Daves Redux! Will be great to finally meet and ride together.

Minoru > Hope you can make it, despite the distance--would be great to see you again.
...And a note about weather

Haven't had a chance to ride these roads since before Christmas, but given how mild the winter's been I'm not expecting any snow or ice down south. That said some of the rindos are well sheltered from the sun so it is possible there'll be frosty patches.

The 172 will be the test; although it's numbered it rides pretty much like a rindo. If ice is bad there we can change the route slightly to avoid the remaining rindos. It will also depend on what happens between now and then, weatherwise.

I'd like to join it. However, my average speed is normally around 25k/hour (flat area). Is it too slow for your guys?

Kanako > Sorry for slow reply... The last 2/3 of the route has a lot of climbs, so we will need to do about 30km/h+ in the flats to stay on schedule. That's in a paceline so easier than solo.

Hi TCC readers....two nubies (to Tokyo) just did the Boso ride on Saturday (30 Jan). The route was excellent - light cars, no ice, and nice roads. There were just two of us, so no peloton. Nonetheless, we cooked along and enjoyed the views. There are also plenty of coffee stops and lunch places along the route. It is a nice ride with good high speed flats and some 7% and 11% hills thrown in to keep you honest. And the weather was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, Randy+Bob:cool:

I would like to join the ride, provided that the weather wil be OK on Saturday. I am planning although to stay with you for the first 55 to 60 km, and then cross over on road 465 to the West coast and take the ferry back to Miura Hanto from Hamakanaya, perhaps followed by some cycling there.

Not sure if 465 is one of the most beautiful roads in Chiba, but I guess for 20 - 30 km it should be OK.

Still not sure if the definition of a "moderate/LSD/winter miles/tempo/back in the saddle/sub-prime rate" does include "The last 2/3 of the route has a lot of climbs, so we will need to do about 30km/h+ in the flats". This sounds to me more like the definition of a "over-ambitious neck-breaking alpha-male defining" ride. Well enough.
Randy and Bob, glad you guys enjoyed the ride. That pic looks like the view from the 172 after the climb out of Otaki?

Michael > Be great to see you again, pity you can't do the full loop. The 465 is actually fine just about all the way to the coast. If you have time, route 93 might be a fun detour: fairly substantial climb (by Boso standards) up to Mt. Kano (鹿野山), and an enjoyable descent from Mother's Bokujo back to the 465.

(EDIT) Re: speed, I should mention that the first section is very quick and flat and it being winter we'll have the wind at our backs so 30 is not so fast really; last time we did it as a group (Thomas, Alan and others) we were doing 40km/h on that stretch. In any case, the little hills will slow us down after that... :)
Hmmm, I'll need to regear for this - good time to try out the 39/20 , 42/17 flip flop.. You guys will lose if you pace much more than 35 - 38kph, my old legs just wont spin past 125 for lengthy times.
Will be joining you guys for this ride but will break off with MOB.
I really have no clue what your getting at :bike2:
James, GSAstuto (Tim, right?) > Will be great to meet you both at last!

GSAstuto > I'm sure we can stay under 35km most of the time, at least to start with :) The route does get quite up-and-downy in the second half, but no epic climbs of course.
Meeting is at south exit. I'll have the car for anyone who needs to stow bags etc. (No lockers in the station).


I will be most likely there and bring some stuff to stay over like PJ at Yachimata house. I hope I can put my stuff in your car.

Minoru Arai

It looks like there will be at least 9 or 10 people joining this ride if all attend, this will really be a good ride!!!

Those who are unsure about the pace will have no problems keeping to speed as riding in a group is much easier and requires less energy.
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