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My Bike Wilier Izoard XP


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
This is my Wilier Izoard, my first carbon frame and 2nd road bike ever. It's got Ultegra 6800 throughout. I bought it as it is this January second hand from Cycly, for about 16 man, which is the only way I could afford it AND avoid serious domestic strife (even this was stretching the budget a bit). I would have been happy with Tiagra or 105 level components, but nothing overall satisfying was available at the time. I'm very satisfied with it so far and have ridden about 2,500 km on it. I commute on it 3-4 times a week (15 km one way) and average one medium to long ride per weekend (50 - 120 km).

Cycly was also decent buying experience. They have a nation-wide network of stores, and you can have any bike delivered to a store near you for a test ride before deciding to buy or not (you only pay shipping if you don't buy the bike). I am not too knowledgeable by any means on mechanics etc but will do my best to answer any questions members may have. Yoroshiku sometime or other on a ride around Kanto area.
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