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Wiki Wiki; Discussion of Pages feature added


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Jun 30, 2013
Discussion feature added to Wiki pages

*Note* This feature is currently a work in progress, and is not perfect. Expect updates to how it works in time; any clunkiness of operation is to be expected at this early stage.

How is works

When you create or edit a page, at the very bottom of the page, there is now the option to create a thread related to the page. Clicking this auto-creates a thread with the same name as the wiki page in the Wiki subforum.

Any Wiki page which has had a discussion page created for it will have a 'Discussion' tab on the top right side. Clicking this will redirect to the thread in the forum, where discussion of the page can take place.

Known issues at this stage

-Discussion threads created do not automatically put the grey 'Wiki' thread prefix in front of them. This will be fixed, but for now, please do this manually.
-The entire Wiki article is automatically put into to the first comment in the associated thread. There is currently no options related to this; there will be in the future.
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