Wiggle ~ Delivery times record


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Sep 24, 2011
I just wondering when I will receive my bike from wiggle? Since most of us shop from wiggle and shipping it to Japan, it would be nice to have a recode for everyone to see. Please let us know how fast did your received your items from wiggle, so we don't have to stay awake all night:D

Ordered on: Sept 27
Processed on: Sept 30
Delivered on: :Oct 6

PS. If I spend 9万円+1万円 shipping why don't I get a tracking number:warau:
NOT complaining, just wondering:angel:
Sep 2, 2009
There are already lots and lots of posts about this. Use the search button.

Your bike processed on the 30th September, meaning it would have most likely left the UK on the 1st October. It is only the 6th October today, which is 5 days after your bike shipped. That is not a long time for an international package, so stop worrying.

Regarding the shipping number, this is a question to ask Wiggle direct, not us on this forum. Send an email to sales@wiggle.co.uk, with your order number in the title and pose the question there.


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May 25, 2009
The other thing that makes me laugh about this kind of thread is that Wiggle has zero control of the package as soon as it leaves the warehouse if you want to discuss processing times then there is some factual information to the topic but when you have UK postal services, Customs at Narita and then the Japanese postal services all then having a hand in the speed of the delivery then processing and delivery times are going to vary by a large margin and something that can’t really be given as a standard or benchmark.

In regards to the shipping number basically they do not post with a trackable shiopping number to keep the costs down....or in many cases FREE. Also read the print expedinet shipping doesn't mean faster delivery it menas faster processing at the warehouse it will still get shipped by the same method as non expedient orders.


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Nov 1, 2005
The other thing that makes me laugh about this kind of thread is that Wiggle has zero control of the package as soon as it leaves the warehouse.
Totally true. Wiggle shipped my last big order within less than 48 hours. It arrived in Japan within another 48 hours. Then spent 6 (!) days in customs in Narita. Was delivered to my door after release within less than 12 hours.


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Oct 11, 2009
The thing that irritates me is that alot of the parts to complete a build may or not be in stock. So, many times the distributor or dealer will neglect to inform you and just sit on the entire order, when you could be ordering alternate parts or from alternate dealers.

Yeah, Japanese customs is a dice throw. Sometimes they'll sit, sometimes they pass it right through. I found that it either passes right through or takes about 4-6 days in secondary inspection. There is nothing you can do until you are contacted by them - or they release it.

On the other-hand - if it's shipped by EMS or other trackable method, then at least you know WHERE the package is. Why Wiggle doesn't offer you the choice of whether to ship by EMS or their standard snail-mail is beyond me. The same carrier is picking it up on their end. I'd gladly pay the extra amount if I'm in a major rush or just want to follow Santa's Sleigh around the world.

Yeah, I did. After ignoring me for a few days, I tried again and they told me that they had to build my bike and that it would be a while.
Sep 2, 2009
In reply to the previous post;

The OP was questioning the delivery times of Wiggle. If you are claiming that Wiggle are advertising products as being in stock when they are not, that is a different issue entirely.

I am sure if you contacted them directly, posing this as a question, they would be happy to fill you in with how things run.


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Nov 30, 2010
Sometimes it's fast...so fast that I can't help thinking as if Wiggle had its own warehouse somewhere in Japan filled with loads of stocks :p

Sometimes it takes longer, usually being stopped by japanese customs office.
If you want smooth processing at japanese customs, I'd advise to keep the amount of purchased value under ca. JPY16,600 for each shipping.

Sep 2, 2009
Right, so it turned up fine.

I hope you enjoy it mate!

If you are a mega-geek like my mate at work, you will film and upload a Youtube 'unboxing' video.

Probably too late for all that though, eh. Torn the box to shreds!