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Wiggle Christmas Voucher!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009

Wiggle is offering up to 20% off orders over 100 quid order code: XMAS-20 and 15% off orders over 50 quid order code: XMAS-15

To put it in prespective for a standard Garmin 500 computer it will cost you with discount ¥17974 !!!!!! More than half the price of Japan RRP!!!!
OMG! If anyone wants to double up on some stuff, lemme know. I need to get a few small parts ASAP.
holy wow batman.:eek:
procrastinating getting more gear just got me a sweat deal. :D

Tim, though I'd be into doubling up on an order, I'm too brain fried from work to make decisions in a timely manner
Its troubling yet so gratifying...... I mmore than happy to spend spend spend.... sell the kids to the circus, spend spend spend!
I was really close to buying the Focus Izalco Pro this morning after hearing about this sale. Fortunately I rode up to Y's in Shinjuku and discovered that the 56cm they had available on Wiggle would be too big for me. As such I am still looking for the new bike...
I did a search, but couldn't find it ...

Could someone remind me about Wiggle shipping? Normal vs Express: which one doesn't get hit with import tax?
Normal and Express just refers to the amount of time they take to package and sends your item(s) from base, and as far as I know, nothing to do with how Japan deals with import tax (which seems to be highly random).

Correct me if wrong.
Owen perfectly correct. The priority dispatch is basically paying the little extra to jump the que. Sometimes in peak season its worth it, but off season no real need to pay the extra.
My impression of wiggle's shipping is that the few-hundred yen extra for expedited tends to get sent via courier--most always (I think it's always, but I'm hedging). Non-expedited may come via courier or post, which probably depends on costs or time of day at wiggle's end.

I don't think I've never been charged/assessed when things have arrived by courier, but have sometimes been taxed and dutied by the postal folks. The postal people seem to charge (a) consumption tax, and then (b) a handling fee, which itself is a little steep.


And today I ordered another Brooks (the ti-swift this time), some winter bibs, and another item or two. My wife says she'll pay and wrap them for under the tree. At least for the xmas-20 plan, it seems to be 20% off list price, so depending on your customer status and how much an item has already been discounted, the resulting discount will be somewhat less, or even nil, in rare cases. I think I 'saved' about 5000 yen, tho, most of that on the saddle.


So with everyone ordering for this discount deal, maybe it'd be good to post back with some info: whether you opted for expedited shipping or not, and whether you got hit for any fees on this end.
Wiggle : if you buy more than 16,000Yen something, you should pay custom clearance charge + consumption tax.
ex) garmin edge 705 -> custom clearance charge(200Yen) + consumption tax(800Yen)

CRC : offers 10% off deal as well. But they only give free shipping deal with more than 35,000Yen something and the shipping box will be horrible sometimes..
Anyhow cheaper is better! Compare the price between these two web shops and you could find best deal in the world even there's more cheaper shop in the world. ;-)
By the way, the marketing method of these two shops is "slightly up the every product's price and spread the SALE coupon".... but, it's still cheaper than JP...
My edge 500 (about 20,000 yen at the time) came thru w/o any taxes or fees--via courier.

We'll see. Well over 20,000 on the above order, expedited shipping.

I suppose there also could be a seasonal effect, i.e., the tax people hit on everyone/everything around the holidays, or more so, and then back off other times.
Just ordered goods worth 41k and chose 'priority dispatch'.. hoping not to get caught with the import tax thing!
Well, according to this - bicycles should be free ... http://www.customs.go.jp/english/tariff/2010_4/data/i201004e_87.htm

However- there are individual customs duties applicable - generally the consumption tax. Not sure what they are following - cause for example:

My experiences -
CRC - no consumption / duty charged (under 5man) by EMS
Wiggle - no consumption / duty charges (under 5man) by EMS
China - no consumption / duty charges (15man Bicycle / Parts) by EMS

But a friend got dinged 10% (my guess is 5% + 4.6%) On his bike shipped from US - maybe cause they declared the value over 20man.

20man is traveller's duty free allowance - so maybe they apply this also to imported goods.

Fedex and UPS shipments seem to be always scrutinized - whenever I'd ship IT gear, they were by far the worst. EMS was the best - rarely scrutinzed , or very fast through customs in Japan.

I use the 525 yen option at Wiggle - I think this might apply more to their side than how they actually ship - haven't noticed any difference there.

Lastly - had another package come by Royal Mail. It sucked the worst in terms of time and cost compared to just using EMS from UK.
I received 49000 worth of winter gear from Wiggle this weekend (just missing the 20% off typically).
I ordered the goods with the priority option and it was sent with EMS. I needed to pay nearly 5000 in tax on delivery. This is the same amount I paid in tax for my complete bicycle.

The whole tax thing seems kind or random to me...I ordered a jersey for around 15000 earlier. That was shipped with Fedex (If I remember correctly) and I didn't pay any tax for that.

I've been importing to Japan for the past 10 years both as a consumer and also as a distributor. Tax really is a random thing and doesn't have any method or logic to it, except as Tim points out UPS that is always opened and taxed accordingly.

As for Priority/Expedient Shipping:

"You can also choose to add priority despatch to your order. Priority Despatch means we despatch your goods as soon as we can after we receive your order. If you do not choose priority despatch your order may take an additional 2-3 days to be processed during peak times before it is despatched."

Its an internal process you are paying for not a deleivery service and once it has left the warehouse will take exactly the same amount of time to reach you. You are just paying the extra to have someone process your order faster, but depending on the circumstances you maybe paying the extra yet still not actually have it shipped faster thn someone who doesn't pay it.
... Tax really is a random thing and doesn't have any method or logic to it...

My wife ordered some street shoes from the US awhile back and the taxes/duties were more than the shoes cost themselves. :(

I ordered pedals, tights, and a jersey a couple of weeks ago from Wiggle (missing the 20% discount) and was charged ¥1,600 on a $330 order.
Shoes have a HUGE tax on them especailly if they are leather.... I was lucky enough to know this before I ordered my SIDI shoes and had the company that sent them place on the shipping order that they were not leather in Japanese.

Got taxed about 800 yen for them I think.
I have only ever been taxed for a pair of mavic ksyrium elite wheels, and i have had a fair bit delivered
The first brooks (leather) came thru free, I'm hoping for the same with this next one. (both via expedited) I guess/hope that they're in a totally different category than shoes.

Also have had some shoe go-arounds, tho not leather. I ordered some asics runners, a bit too small (which I wear to work), and returned them and got the next bigger size--both of those came thru free.
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