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Wife seeks teaching job contacts


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Aug 5, 2006
I want to move my wife and children to Tokyo - unfortunately, my Company is unable to sponsor a visa to allow us to live here. My wife has a degree(s) - if anyone knows a reliable contact to some of the English Language Schools here, in Tokyo - I'd appreciate the help!
Will be riding the Boso on the 6th with Phil....

DT aka trucksan


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Jan 14, 2007
Try a few of these forums as well.


There are a lot of other sites but those come to mind for asking questions.

You may have to give a few more details about location and look through the sites first as people will assume you're not looking hard enough and tell you to use the search functions.

Let them know you don't know much about the industry because you work in a different field.

People on those sites can come across as rude but you will find some helpful replies as well.

There are a lot of agencies and although they pimp you out and don't pay too well they can be a good way to get your foot in the door.
Search for Korakuen English Center and use my name as a reference there or Interac.

The best deals are to be hired directly but very hard to find those kinds of jobs unless you are lucky.

I guess with kids she won't want to be doing the usual afternoon/night schools.

It's a pretty stiff market out there looking for jobs. Still lots of schools cutting back hours and putting teachers out on the streets.

Back on topic...

I'll see if I can make it on the 6th.
Have ridden more than usual for a January and was even too tired to ride today. Need to get in another 300km by the end of the month.
2 days off Wed & Friday to help out there.


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Mar 4, 2008
If you are here legally and have a visa, your wife should be able to get a visa as your spouse.


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Jan 14, 2007
If you are here legally and have a visa, your wife should be able to get a visa as your spouse.

He is here legally but due to the nature of his job and the company he works for
can't have a residents visa for Japan. (he comes and goes a lot).
If they gave him a visa that allowed him to live here they'd have to fire him...something like that....

The work around is to get his wife a visa for herself and she can sponsor the kids.

Trucksan just keeps on truckin.


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Jul 26, 2008
Two job sites, generally more uni-oriented:


First, the cycle is over for this year, "this year" meaning anything that'd be starting April 1st. Soon, if not already, there may be some postings for second semester, either September or October 1st, something like that. Then, about May/June ads will start appearing for 4/2011.

Second, you say "degree" but you don't say what. Uni jobs are pretty much impossible without an MA, and that should be in something directly relevant, such as communications, linguistics, ESL, literature. Besides that, publications are also a huge, huge plus--actually hard to get a uni job without them, since many applicants do have them and the market is so tight. Obviously, a PhD, again in a related field, would help.

Some jobs on those sites are part-time, and standards are lower for those. Personally, I'd rather string some of those together than be dispatched by some intermediating company, but I'm not sure how the visa thing would work with that.

Also, you don't say what age your kids are. School age? You should get a good handle on that before you move everyone. Those sites mentioned above could be a good resource for that. (And a forewarning--international schools are very expensive, sometimes the equivalent of paying for a private university.)


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Aug 5, 2006
Thank you for the replies, I will explore the those websites.

She has degrees in things which make it difficult to find work, nursing and genetics.

Schools are expensive although we think we have that bit covered .

Pete hope you do make it on the 6th.



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May 25, 2009
If she is a registered nurse it mightbe worth looking at private hospitals or clinics.
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