Who here has tried a 3T Strada?



Maximum Pace
Dec 2, 2017
I was able to test ride one today with deep section carbon wheels and all, and I have to say this thing hauls rear-ends. Because of braking issues* I didn’t want to try it on a serious hill, but on flats and false flats this thing is impressive. It felt way faster than the BMC TimeMachine I tried a few weeks back. (Although, to be fair with the TimeMachine, that was a 52 cm frame and I reckon my body position on the BMC was less aerodynamic than on the Strada.) The ride was not quite as comfortable as the TeamMachine, but still comfy enough. The rather sporty seating position felt great.

Has anyone else tried it? How does it handle up- and downhill?

* The distributor and/or bike shop thought it was a good idea to put mechanical DI2 on this thing with either bad or badly adjusted TRP mechanical disk brakes. Mechanical disk brakes on a bike that probably costs >800,000 ¥ as it stood. The bike shop employee felt compelled to warn me several times before I took off (he noticed I am running hydraulic disk brakes, and was rightfully worried that I would just expect similar stopping power). I have never tried mechanical disk brakes before, but I had much less confidence than with Force 1 rim brakes that were affixed to a Charter2 test bike.