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Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
In case anyone was wondering...

I'm recovering from a new year's diving accident. For another month I am forbidden from doing:

Any exercise
Going anywhere over 200 m altitude

I hope to start gentle commutes again in March, but after 10 weeks off the bike and six weeks of zero exercise, it will be tough. Kusatsu and the KT series training are clearly not going to happen. Maybe I will shoot for the Shirabiso Hill climb in May.

For now though, I am just getting fat. Cannot even imagine combing a hill…
Who is Pucci??? :p:p:p

Sorry to hear about your diving accident Pucci and hope you make a full recovery soon. Sounds like it was potentially life threatening. What happened.

Are you OK?

...diving accident...

Does this mean, "into the shallow end of a swimming pool", OR "coming up from a great depth whilst scuba-diving - ie. the bends"?

I am just getting fat.

What does this have to do with you not riding your bike?:rolleyes:

Seriously though, I hope your injuries are not too serious!
Get well soon!
Yeah, sounds scary. Hope you're getting better fast, and back in time for a Boso ride in the summer?
Diving??? You should stick to your wheels, pal! :D

Seriously, I wish you a speedy recovery too and an early come-back to cycling.
Was wondering a little ....

That's a bugger to hear about old bean.

Hope the recovery progresses well and that you're back on the bike in no time.

Sorry to hear about that mate. As a fellow diver I want details. What the hell happened? Stayed down too long? Didn't do a safety stop? Or did you just forget to take your tank:D
Pucci, take care and get well soon! Hope to see you in the mountains again!
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