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where to find a 27 1 1/4" fixed wheel in Tokyo


Sep 11, 2009
After riding around and staring in envy at the people on fixies cruising through Shibuya crossing, I've decided that I want to try riding fixed... by converting my 1970s roadbike.

I read on Sheldon Brown's site that I could just attempt to pry my freewheel off my rearwheel or I could buy a fixed wheel that's already been built. Any ideas where I could go about finding a 27 1 1/4" one? I'm not keen on settling with a 700cc one and riding with two different wheelsizes...
Try bicyclewheels.com ..

..they sell wheel sets from US 105 to 130 and can go fixed in a 27 inch wheel.

I'd still consider going 700c for wider tyre selection. You can pick up a nice set of rims for under US 150. If you need long reach brakes as a result of switching to 700cs, then you can pick up a set of Tektro Long Reach brakes for not too much cash and they work great. Below is the link to bikewheels.com. Another great resource is www.fixedgeargallery.com they have a lot of web site sponsors who sell fixed gear stuff. Ben's Cycle and Wheel and Sprocket usually have some good deals.

Have fun with the conversion.

Thanks for the advice :) I'll check out those sites now!
It's more that my frontwheel is in awesome shape and I don't really want to get rid of that one...

A total newbie question, but when they say 27" they mean 27 1 1/4, right?
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