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Help Where to buy cheap cycling clothes in Tokyo?

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If you are living in Tokyo now I have loads of used cycle clothing which has been donated to me. I run a charity cycling team in Japan called the Knights in White Lycra and every Yen we sell the clothing for goes to our chosen charity. If you are in Japan let me know and I will send you some clothing
@TokyoMAMIL , sorry to revive such an ancient thread! Do you possibly still have any jerseys lying around? Is there any chance I can grab one, maybe I can donate to your charity or your team? Im visiting Tokyo at the moment and it would really make a super special souvenier!
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"KIWL Auction and Sales" (Facebook) has been "paused" for over a year. But I don't know what this means.

Some of the used bike stores, and some of the largest branches of "Book Off", sell a few used jerseys, cheap.
any suggestions on the used bike stores? I havent found any that fit in the "book offs", i went to several of the super bazaars over the weekend!
You might want to try customizing? I'm fat and funny-shaped, so popular brands don't fit, so I just ordered customized shirts from AliExpress for about US$25-$30 apiece. I've found they do the job well enough. If you want a particular look, the manufacturers will be able to deliver it (though the quality will not be the same).
any suggestions on the used bike stores?
My local branch (Kawasaki) of "Buychari" has a few. So few that it's hardly worth a trip; but if my branch has a few, perhaps other branches have as well; and perhaps there's a branch near you.
I would usually have put this in the monthly thread. I walked a lot today, all the way to the station, and just before that is a mont bell store. Browsed all sorts of expensive things, but then over in the small section for oversized foreigners, or where some stuff is that's sized for those folks, I found a nice jersey--not perfect, since it's only half zip and no pockets, but I liked the price and size. And hi-vis color. Long sleeves--my preferred kind.

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