Help Where to buy bicycle for children (Aug. 2013)


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May 25, 2009
MYx in Yokohama has some great priced kids MTB style bikes.

Sagami Cycles has some great priced kids road bikes, such as the SCOTT Speedster.


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Jul 26, 2008
Kids grow really fast.

I'd (again, given that ours are now both 20+) opt for a home center (or big box/JUSCO/Aeon) version of a kids' bike, given that it's about the right size.

I don't see any reason to go for something branded like the Trek (at 3+ times the price). Kids will be awed and thankful for any bike, and color can be a more important choice for them than anything else. (and they should be involved in the purchase!)
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Apr 3, 2012
Tama Center <-> Otemachi
So I went by Bex Isoya. They seem to be very well stocked and had the model and color my daughter wanted. They said in addition to the one on display, they had one still in the box.

We're going to go take a look at MYx and Sagami cycle to see if they have the Scott branded 24" bicycles on Saturday.

We did take a look at the bicycles available say at Toys'R'Us. The bicycles were tanks though, felt like over 20kg. In addition to her outgrowing the current bicycle, she wanted something that would let her keep up. Recently she's been wanting a junior size road bicycle after she took my road bike around the block and discovered what efficient tires are like. (she obviously couldn't use the saddle nor dismount without help.) The wife said no, spoil sport! Maybe I could get her to accept a road bicycle with flat bars?

Most likely it will be a mountain bike frame with slicks. Now where does one source a 24x1.5 slick tire in Japan?