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Sold! Wheels for sale - HED Jet 6 F/R 2010


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
Need to clean out the wheel closet -- moving to a smaller place.

1. Pair of HED Jet 6 "stallion" version wheels from 2010. The rims are aluminum, with a light weight carbon fairing for aerodynamics. A very nice design well executed.
These were used for lots of events in 2010-12, then sparingly since. I have spare spokes and one spare HED decal. These are still very fast wheels. The main detectable issues from my perspective are:
(1) the aluminum on the freehub body is seriously "scored". They are best used with a one-piece cassette such as the SRAM 1090 Powerdome currently mounted on them (and included with them),
(2) the carbon "fairing" around the front valve hole is damaged -- larger hole now and very minor aerodynamic impact at worst.
(3) the rims are showing some wear and have some minor dings, but they should still have thousands of miles left in them.

The HED Jet 6, based on HED's "Belgian" clincher rimes, were among the first of the "wide rim" trend, and are comfortable, aero and very fast. And they go "whoosh" when you stand up and power past someone. The rims are tall (6 = 60mm) but do VERY well in cross winds.

I think they were around $1300 new. Asking 15,000 yen for the set with skewers and extra spokes/decal.
P1030081.JPG P1000408.JPG IMG_0292 (1).jpg IMG_0303.jpg IMG_0304.jpg
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