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Wheel Truing Stand...?


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
DIY Wheel Truing Stand...?

I broke a spoke on my rear wheel, I replaced it the same day, but now my wheel wobbles. Back in Canada, I had a good Park stand, but I sold it when I moved to Japan...... 22 years ago :rolleyes:

I have been doing a quick search, and I have found two online here.....


Minoura FT-1 for about 8600 yen with shipping

or this...


Tacx T3175

I don't mind buying good tools, I'm not planning on building any wheels anytime soon, but you never know :rolleyes:


I see the Park TS-2 but it is about 4 man, a little more than I want to spend.


While the Park TS-8 looks, well basic:eek:

Are there other reasonable options out there?

Wow, no one has an opinion......:eek:

I'm shocked...... SHOCKED...... ;) :D
Morning mate.....

I have the Minoura FT-1. Good for the price and can be used to build from scratch but the tool needs trueing before working on the wheel. Folds down nice and compact.

For just trueing wheels theTacx is the better option. Less movable parts so porbably doesn't need setting up before working on the wheel.

would love the Park TS-2
I've got the minoura as well. Not bad - but as FE says, you need to true it first. For really prime truing, th stand should be made from cast material or very heavy steel plate. These portable and cheap stands are ok for home use and when you have alot of time to twiddle with th wheel - but aren't so great for perfect truing. In fact - taping a chopstick to your stay and just doing it on the bike is probably as effective. Especially when adjust roll-out or dish.
for one wheel, one spoke, leave it in the bike and true it there. You have a work stand and that'll hold the bike in place. If you don't have a stand throw an old front fork in a vise upside down and you're done. If you want to build wheels from scratch spend the money on a good tool not a flimsy foldable thing you'll end up calling a POS.
for one wheel, one spoke, leave it in the bike and true it there.

That's what I do. Just flip the bike over and sit on the floor. You can gradually close up the brakes as you get the wheel straighter, and listen for where they catch the rim. Can get the wheel very straight this way.
A good bike shop will true your wheel quickly and for free. If you need to get the wheel rideable to get to the shop, true it with the brake shoes close to the rim.

Save the money for a nice set of racing wheels!


I'll true it for a beer (for my wife).. just drop by anytime, it will take about 10min. I have the POS Minoura stand - will get it within .25mm or so.
Thanks for the replies guys!

The wheel is not that bad at all, but I'm still a fat bastard and I fear it will get worse, or I'll bust another spoke, so a decent truing stand is needed.

I think I'll build my own..... really no surprise, that is kind of how I am, do it myself, even if it ends up costing me more :rolleyes: :D

Anyone have a good like to a shop built truing stand?

I'll be digging out my MIG welder and doing it proper like :warau:


I see the Park TS-2 but it is about 4 man, a little more than I want to spend.

Thats the best there is I do beleive all shops I've been to use it.
This is what I'm drooling after - http://cgi.ebay.it/BANCO-LAVORO-CAVALLETTO-SUPPORTO-BICI-BICISUPPORT-/220704086538 Anyway just search Google Images for 'CENTRARUOTE' and you will see more wheel porn than you can handle! Sorry guys, I still think the Italian tools are the best. Park is ok - but feels so 'clunky' and imbalanced. If not a good stand - then just vice an old fork - that is best way - and you can easily clamp on a dial indicator.
Tim agreed! Love the way campy tools come in a wooden display case stunning but unfortunately way out of my price budget!
Only thing I'd add is a cup holder!
Only thing I'd add is a cup holder!

Great idea :D

Are you right or left handed :rolleyes:

I'm going to make the feeler that comes in from one side, or should I make it a two sided unit?

That and the bit that checks the rim for being out of round, I'll make some stuff up and not attach them permanently for now, I'll use double sided tape!

Oh yeah, I cannot attach pics here, what's up with that? Every time I try, I get an "Upload Failed" message...? The pics are within the limits listed in the upload window. Do I have to have a certain number of posts here to attach or something?

I'm now linking to my PhotoBucket account, which works too. :D
Im really impressed mate.... How much would you charge to build another?
Im really impressed mate.... How much would you charge to build another?


Let me finish this one :eek: see how it turns out.

I guess it would be more than one of those cheap stands I showed, but less than the Park. Dunno really, if I built say four at once, maybe cheaper, and let the new owner paint it themselves...?

Like I said, let me get this one done first to get a better idea, the first one takes the longest you know :rolleyes:

Stu, I'm in awe of your craftsmanship and envious of your workshop. I've been exiled to the driveway for the last two nights, cursing at my circular saw while trying to make perfect panels for the window frame surrounds and getting my bikes covered in effing sawdust. Want: table saw, belt sander, extra room to put them in!
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