Wheel Building For Newbs Class


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Quite a lot of people have asked if I would hold some kind of class or seminar on basic wheel building. So, I'm considering this -- probably like:

Free class - But I request a donation to TELL and something to stock the shop cooler or wineshelf.

Goal - hack together a rideable wheel in somewhat confidence with minimal tools. (Also good skills for touring and OTR general repairs)

Supplies - I have a bunch of Kinlin TB25 rims and we can probably use those along with some fixed gear hubsets. The wheels built, I'll donate to one the Japanese University Teams we support (or Highschool team).

Attendance - Limited to 6 right now. So give me a headsup RSVP.

When - not sure - but probably some Sunday.

What We'll Cover:

1) What's a wheel, anyway?
2) Easy lacing pattern that works on nearly anything (2X 'Schraner')
3) Getting it Round quickly
4) Layering Tension
5) Final truing and how tight to go
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