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What MTB are you riding?


Sep 2, 2009
I´m in the market for a new MTB and wondered what you were all riding...
KONA - AA custom.
1988 Cannondale SM500 :rolleyes:

Not much help am I ;)

I would guess some more info on what you plan to do with said new MTB would be good. Are you looking for a hardtail, or full suspension etc.

Have fun buying a new ride! :D
Opps..... mine is 1989-1990 model :D
circa 2005 Kona king kikapu (dual suspension) and a older diamond back ti frame hard tail.

doesn't get much use in Japan, though...

Titus Racer X 100


Now with added burliness courtesy of some 120mm forks and wider Monkeylites.

But I am sorely tempted by this:

Pivot Cycles Mach 5.7

Alan nice Titus or is that Tight @ss? Pivot are really coming on strong these last few years, have only read good things about them. Sure you don't really want one of these

140/160mm of butter.
I don't ride mine as often as I'd like to and due to this thread will give it a spin tomorrow.

It's a 2006 SCOTT Reflex (FX) 25

Not top of the line but quite good components and at the time I got a 10man yen discount as it has been a demo bike for 3 days at an indoor show.

As MTBs get banged up from day one you can probably save a fortune getting a second hand one.
I've got a couple different MTB bikes. Both bikes I built component by component. The first bike is a Tomac Snyper 140 and my XC bike is a Tomac Type X.
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