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What are you drinking?


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
What are you drinking?

There's a really good bit in the Robert Millar biography when he is at the launch of a new sports drink. There is a big presentation about the new wonder drink which is sponsoring his pro team. An interviewer then asks Millar, "So what do you think of this new drink?"

"Dunno, I only drink water…"

What are you drinking?
What do you put in your bottles for a ride?
How many bottles?
What about racing?

Personally, these last few years I've been living on tea, mostly mugicha and houjicha if I need a caffeine boost. I must have been in Japan too long!

I drink, drink, drink because I sweat a lot. In the colder months I set out with one bottle. In the summer I set out with 2 bottles, one frozen. When it's really hot I'll put them both in the freezer the night before.

Enroute, I'm lucky that we are blessed with natural springs everywhere in Niigata, so I can fill up with ice cold spring water quite easily. On a tough ride I'll pick up a big 120 yen coke can as a sugary treat for the last half hour of a ride.

For races I usually go with coke (liquid food) and perhaps some redbull but not too much.

After riding, the first thing I want is a beer so it takes some discipline to rehydrate first. In addition to water, I like to have a protein/soy milk drink within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.


What are you drinking?
What do you put in your bottles for a ride?
How many bottles?
What about racing?

Looking forward to the responses.


At this time of day, it's usually Sapporo. If not that, then an aussie red.

I try to keep at the water too, alternating so as not to get too dried out. I often zap a glass of water in the microwave for a minute or so, makes it go down nicely.

Lol, I was having a rather large GnT.

But right now for the LSD and indoor training water only. Durring the summer months and racing, HIGH5.

Been racing on HIGH5 for near on 16 years and the stuff is great 100% natural fructous and the caffiene drink is also made from 5 different plant and root extracts so you don't sugar/caffiene crash after drinking it.

Won't touch anything else.

We are currently in the process of getting HIGH5 cleared by the FIS and even they are amazed at how quickly it is clearing the tests (Japan has one of the highest standards for Food and Beverages with a massive ban list)

One of the products didn't clear because of the coating they use on the mold to form the tablets, thats how strict they are!
When its cold, I never drink enough. But filling a bottle with some coke and boiling water from convience stores--gold. Dilute warm coke was my favorite thing when I was touring in Shikoku.

Dilute mountain dew, was my favorite in the summer...

Sports drinks at half strength of less as well.
I dont have and expertise. I just find I drink a lot and dont feel I need *that* much sugar

Contrex and 5000mg BCAA powder, mainly Isotonic. You can get Contrex at Costco for about half price as any kusuri in Tokyo. If I'm riding harder, then I just add in some Karo Corn Syrup to increase the carbs. Very simple - now I have only 3 components to mix in whatever combo I want. And at a fraction of the cost of said sports drinks, etc.
IRN BREW ! It used to be only Iran and Scotland where Coca Cola wasn`t the number 1 canned soft drink.

I` ll second the High 5. It seems to give me a genuine pick up towards the end of a hard ride. More so than Pocari etc.

I also enjoy sweet sherry more than I probably should.....:eek:
Water in winter

This summer when it was hot as hell, I mixed speed athlete one to one with water cause it was easy to find at many of the vending machines in route.

Right now, a mug of Earl Grey, but after everyone has mentioned beer, I have one Anchor Steam left in the frige and I'm thinking that sounds mighty fine!
mmmm, beer , but I'm not allowed anymore - only red wine or clear spirits.
..., but after everyone has mentioned beer, I have one Anchor Steam left in the frige and I'm thinking that sounds mighty fine!

One beer left in the fridge (or on the porch) would induce a panic attack.
Water can't be beat but on a long ride but for an energy kick, flat Pepsi. Hate Coke's pervasive presence. In summer playing rugby I have a hard time finding a water bottle that hasn't been filled with pocari et al. WTF do we need a sugar drink for during a hard game wearing mouthguards? Plus the first time I rinsed the sweat of my eyes with water during a game in Japan, it was Aquirius! Made by......Coca Frigg'n Cola :gun:
I only drink natural drinks - believe they give me everything I need: water, fruit juice, joghurt, milk. Don't really like any artificial drinks.

My bottle (I never take two) takes water, mostly from natural springs, whereever I go. I never leave home with something in the bottle - that would just be additional weight for the first 30-70km which I do not need until late.

Convenience stores have a great selection of (100%) juice and (100%) milk products.

What more do I need... Japan is bliss. Riding in Europe is so much harder.
mmmm, beer , but I'm not allowed anymore - only red wine or clear spirits.

Tim.... thus my GnT :( soon they will be just a sad memory!
I take one bottle - the other is used to store tools/spare inner tube. I always take a mixture of water/orange juice. If its a long ride, I might increase the ratio of orange juice and then dilute with added water later. Like Ludwig, I rarely have a drink until about 1 hr 15/30 mins in. I find it`s a good way of getting some carbohydrate and also (from what I read) water is less readily absorbed if taken on its own. Plus, I like the taste.

Being in Japan changes things, as you can go in a combini without fear of your bike being nicked so if I do that I either buy more water and orange juice or some yoghurt drinks or a carton of milk. For the vending machines then being a pepsi/coke addict I rarely get past that, but if I do, I have grown a fondness for the fruit/vegeatable juice mixtures you can get - there is a lovely Minute Maid one (but `fraid KiwiSimon I think it`s made by coke). If it`s cold like today, then I buy some Hot Cocoa. It seems to heat up when you shake the can, so I use it for warming up cold extremities and then open it and drink it once the heat starts fading.

PS: If you use bottles, then check what plastic they are made from, as some can leach the plastic into the drink.
Glad I read this post again - I need to add the 'spigot socket' to my new multi-tool. During the summer there were spigots everywhere - especially the firestops, but they have the handle removed.
Nursery time!

Just before Big Dog says "Good night" at 7:30.


Ooohh! You mean for RIDES! In that case, half & half "Pocari Sweat" and water.:D
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