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Wetting my teeth


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May 25, 2009
Hey all.

I started training again about two months ago after a 4 year break from racing (Raced TT's and Cross Country MTB)

I'm looking to get back in to any type of road racing and was wondering if the vets here could give me some recomendations on what would be a good event to wet my teeth on and work out what catergory I should be in, also to offer moral support.

If it helps:

Currently I'm riding 70km a day along route 246 and keeping averages of about 34kmph while my heart is a steady 160- 165bpm.

Would really appreciate any help and recommendations.

The best thing is probably just to jump into one of the races that suits you time-wise and location-wise. I wouldn't worry about fitness/speed, you'll find out if you can stick once you do it, and if you're OTB it's no big deal. Being confident handling the bike and riding in groups is probably much more important.

In any case, most races are split into categories so you just pick the beginner category and away you go.

These are the two groups that offer most of the criterium-style races in Kanto:


More info here:

The Seo Cycle Festival in Narita was my first race two years ago. They have an maiden race category so it's not a bad way to start. Usually takes place in November.

The 100km in Motegi on Jan 4th is, I think, a good beginner's race, because it takes place on a broad auto racing circuit and you can choose how competitively you want to ride it: you can stick with the main peloton and treat it like a 100km criterium, or join one of the other groups that form and just pace yourself and practice riding in pacelines/groups.

The Enduro races are good beginner's races too, because unless you are the first rider out, you will be riding alone or in a very small group most of the time.

If you watch these forums people will usually post about upcoming races that they might be doing.
Some of my Sunday morning training friends did their first race at the Hitachinaka and went in the X class. (which grades first time racers).
One finished 6th and was promoted to C class.
Another friend came 7th and went into D class.
The fastest of them however crashed and finished near the tail. He will be in F class and is quite happy to win his way up.
Another friend won X class went into B and now is struggling.

I started in X finished poorly then E for a year, then D for 4 years, now in C.

Winning your way up is more enjoyable I think than going in a high grade, getting stuck there and never doing well.

JCRC X class races are usually faster paced than the F, D, E, & C grades as well.
But, there are many beginners...
Don't you mean whetting your teeth? I guess it is rainy season, so perhaps the former is correct. ;)
Guys thanks for the great advice and information!

What is the average race fees and do you need a license or belong to a federation/organisation to race here?

Finally are there any races coming up soon that I could possible tag along to and enter… I like the idea of going straight in to F class and racing my way up.

As for the teeth…There was no pun intended I wish I was that clever :D
Thank you all for the help and information, if anyone is going to a race soon and willing to help me pop my cheery I would very much appreciate it. :D
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