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Western Hills On Saturday Sept 11?


Sep 23, 2009
I'm looking to do 80 to 100K at a moderate to fast pace. Flexible on routes.

Thinking about departing Takao around 9.

Anyone want to join me?

I need to be back in Tokyo (Kichijoji) by about 5 but am thinking about doing
Takao-> Otarumi -> Kobu tunnel -> Kazahari and then back to Ome on Saturday.
It'll by my first time connecting these two passes with the Kobu tunnel but generally, I should know my way.

I can limit my sleeping in and make it out to Takao by 9 (as in I will very lazily take the train) if you want to ride together. I'm intermediate level... or something like that, so moderate pace is probably fine...
I might be up for a ride out west on saturday. Never been out in the Takao area but I need to practice some climbing.
Not sure if I will ride out or take the train. Which station would be best, Takao or Takaosanguchi?

I am pretty slow by the way..:eek:

I am up for a moderate pace ride but I need to be back in Tokyo (Komazawa) around 5-ish pm too. It'll be my first time up in those part of the woods.

When worse comes to worse, I'll be in stride of Andreas pace :)

I'll PM my number later.

- Rommel
scratch that....
I decided to cancel my social plans and head out to fuji with the fixie boys.:cool:

sorry! catch you some other time!
OK gents let's meet at the Family Mart outside the north exit of Takao Station at 9:00 on Saturday.

Let's do the following route (or a variation of it) as it's the only one I know :)


I'll send you guys a PM with my cell in case anything pops up.

Hi Lubos,

How are doing? Did you fix your injury?
I cannot join you this time, as I have planned another trip, but will be taking it easy after Toyo Tires race - hope to see you then.

I've sent you a PM with a 100km route suggestion.

Yes, it's been a tough year both in terms of illness or injury.. but seems to be behind me now. I'm looking forward to a much more active second half of the year. Hopefully we can ride again soon!

I`ll be out that way on an earlier ride so will try to meet up if the moons align.
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