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Half Fast Weekend rides 6 & 7 July

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
Hello bikers. Mike here with the steamy Weekend Ride Collection. It's going to be a hot one, so please remember to hydrate properly with lots of beer. Many thanks as always to our wonderful ride leaders. I will leave the ride descriptions to them - see below.

Next Wednesday is our monthly meeting at the Pink Cow in Roppongi. No-one has volunteered to give us a little talk or slide show. No-one has suggested that anyone else do so either. So I'm still open to ideas.

On with the cavalcade! Keep the rubber side down.


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Saturday 6 July - Beginners' Haneda (James) 30 km
James will lead our classic 30 km Haneda ride, out to the Jonan-jima Seaside Park and back with a lunchtime picnic in the middle. All welcome, assuming you have a bike and know how to ride it.
Meet up at 10.00 a.m. in front of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills. Wear a helmet. Don't wear earphones.
Leader: James Wee <[email protected]>
Saturday 6th July - Three Rivers and a Food One (Ira) 70 km
Meet at 8:00 a.m. at Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futago-tamagawa station. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/3VcuL
Ride up the Tamagawa River for about 20 km to Yotsuya-bashi (near Y's Fuchu): Cross the bridge and ride the Asakawa River for about 10 km until Kitano station: Then we will ride the Yudonogawa River for about 10 km: Take a break at Food ONE! Then we head home as we ride 32 km back down the same Three Rivers to Tokyo. Total 70 km - 75 km. Easy to Medium pace. No big hills. A great way to go a little farther and a little faster. And get ready for longer rides.
Leader: Ira Stevens o8o-5673-9o42 (call or send text to here)
Sunday 7th July - Arakawa Loop Ride (Ira) 75 km
Meet at 10.00 a.m. at our usual spot in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills.
Ride Don's Arakawa Loop by heading to the Palace, then near Ueno Park and via a bunch of back roads out to the Arakawa River. Then ride over 20 km down the Arakawa and into Kasai Rinkai Park for a break. The loop continues as we ride back via the Tokyo Heliport, Wakasu Park, pass by the Gomi bridge, and stop at Odaiba for a second break. Total 70 - 75 km. The only hills are the bridges we have to cross. Easy to Medium with quick pace but you should be able to ride 20 to 30 km before needing to take a break.
Leader: Ira Stevens o8o-5673-9o42 (call or send text to here)
Sunday 7th July - Hanno Mountain Ride (Chris) 80 km
Hanno loop, starting and ending at Hanno Station in Saitama Prefecture.
Another great training ride for Norikura! We’ll slowly climb on lightly-traveled roads as we head west from Hanno. There are two significant climbs of over 5 km length on this ride, please see the profile at http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/222591787. This ride is geared towards intermediate to advanced riders. Total ride distance is approximately 75-80 km and total climbing elevation is approximately 1300 m. All climbs will be "WATT" (wait at the top). There will also be brief stops to replenish liquids and take breaks from the heat. Also, you will need a bike bag for the train out and back.
Leader: Chris Beetham, tel o8o-3214-9572, email [email protected]
Please check the current weather conditions and forecast for Saitama prior to 0700 the day of the ride. Contact me if the weather conditions are questionable. Rain will cancel the ride but high temperatures will not.
Meeting place and time: The south exit of Hanno Station at 0830 on Sunday, July 7
Suggested train: From the Shinjuku area, the Fukutoshin Line express train leaves Shinjuku sanchome station at 0732 and arrives at Hanno at 0826 (no transfer is required for this train). I will be at the E5 entrance to the station by 0720. For those south of Shinjuku, note that this train originates in Yokohama on the Tokyu Toyoko line, running into Shibuya and straight through to Hanno.
We’ll prepare our bikes and ourselves at Hanno Station, get stocked up on fluids/snacks at the adjacent convenience store, and be on the road by 0845. There are limited opportunities to stop on the road and it will be hot; therefore it is highly recommended to bring two water bottles.
Safety: Remember your helmet. You will need energy so you should eat breakfast, drink lots of water/sports refreshments. Don’t forget to bring and use sunscreen. Also, please check beforehand that your bike is up for the journey.
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