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Half Fast Weekend rides 30 nov 1 dec

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
Three rides up for this weekend, one beginners and two advanced.

Beginners' Odaiba

Don will lead a group of beginners (i.e. slackers) on an easy, 30-km jaunt out to Odaiba on Sunday, starting from the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills at 11:00 a.m. Back by 2:00 for a brew or two at August Beer Club.

-- Saturday 30 November – River to Chiba (Warren)
Meet: 09:15 am Roppongi Hills
River to Chiba (link to map)

91 km. Out of central Tokyo past Tsukiji, out to Kasai Rinkai, then up the Edogawa for 20km and our Chiba breach point to stop at a fabulously overstocked 7/11. We then break new ground through Mizumoto Park and the Aoi Canal, before an 15km run down the Arakawa. Come back via Odaiba to Roppongi Hills. Given the distance and numerous speedy sections of this, please no beginners.
Leader: Warren ( o80 2oo5 8654)

-- Sunday 1 December -- Takaosanguchi to Yabitsu (Sal)

Takaosan-guchi station to Hadano station with an option to go as far as Enoshima / Kamakura, or even back to Tokyo.

Meet: Shinjuku station (07:15 in front of the Keiyo line gates with bike bagged)
Time: 07:30 Keiyo line train (for Takaosan-guchi) arrives at 08:16
Total distance around 65k, but lots of hills; and of course more kilometers (95k total) if you continue on to Enoshima.
Leader: Sal ( o9o-7816-4612)

We will prepare our bikes and ourselves at Takaosan-guchi station. Should be on the road by latest 08:40 and head over Takao, around sagamiko, through Isehara, and then over Yabitsu to Hadano station. You'll need a bike bag for the train.

Safety: Remember, helmets on! You should eat breakfast, drink lots of water / sports refreshments, and use sun screen / tanning lotion. Also, ensure your bike is up for the journey.

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