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Half Fast Weekend rides 25 & 26 May

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
'sup, bikers? It's a gorgeous day today. Weather looks to remain good for the weekend so let's get out there! Again, a choice of riding this weekend.
-- Saturday 25 May --

(1) Beginners' Ride to Haneda

The classic Half-Fast beginners' ride. 30 km out at back. Easy pace. No-one gets left behind. Any one. Any bike. Wear helmet. Don't wear earphones. Got it?
Meet up at 11.00 a.m.* in front of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills. Back by 2.00 p.m. Leader - Mike o8o-34o3-o239

(2) Takao and Jinba (proper mountain!)

Mt. Jinba, starting at Takao Station and ending at Keio-Hachioji Station.

Another great training ride for Norikura! Some climbing as we go from Takao to Fujino generally following a route along Tsutsui Lake and Sagami Lake, but the main climb is the 9 km ascent up Mt. Jinba. All climbs will be "WATT" (wait at the top). You will need a bike bag for the train out and back.
Leaders: Chris Beetham, tel o8o-3214-9572 ride_with_cb at rocketmail.com and Sal Salvino, tel o9o-7816-4612 salvatoresalvino at icloud.com
Meeting place and time: Outside the north exit of JR Takao Station at 0845
Suggested trains: The Keio Line semi-special express leaves Shinjuku at 0749 and arrives at Takao at 0839; the Chuo Line special rapid leaves Shinjuku at 0752 and arrives at Takao at 0835.
We’ll prepare our bikes and ourselves at Takao Station, get stocked up on fluids/snacks at the adjacent 7-11, and be on the road by 9:00. Additional stops on the road as needed.
Total distance approximately 60-70 km, moderately hilly at the start, followed by the Mt. Jinba climb, and mostly downhill and flat back to Keio-Hachioji. Note that JR Hachioji Station is very close by for those taking the Chuo line.
Safety: Remember, helmets on! You should eat breakfast, drink lots of water / sports refreshments, and use sunscreen. Also, please check beforehand that your bike is up for the journey.

(3) Tsuru (long and mountainous)

Francois invites riders to join as follows:

I am going to Tsuru (Yamanashi). Here is the route​

Total : 117 km (1700 m hill climb)​
Meeting point: Hashimoto St. South exit (JR) at 9:00​
If interested please contact Francois at lancosjp07 at i.softbank.jp
-- Sunday 26 May --
Beginners' Odaiba
A 30 km ride from the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills to the beach at Odaiba, and back. A couple of bridges to cross but no hills. Original Metropolis article | Route map
Led admirably by Sal Salvino, tel o9o-7816-4612 salvatoresalvino at icloud.com
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "I'm spoiled for choice." The rainy season will be here before we know it, so make the best of these beautiful spring days.
Don't forget to about the Shine On! Cycle Challenge in Norikura - a very special weekend trip on 27 & 28 July. Read all about it here http://halffastcycling.com/shineon/index.html and let me know if you have any questions. There are still some places left. It's going to be amazing.
TTFN. Keep the rubber side down!
Mike Sims-Williams
Deputy Benevolent Dictator
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Half Fast Cycling, Tokyo
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*When we say "Meet up at 11.00 a.m." it does not mean we start riding at 11.00 a.m. That would be "Start at 11.00 a.m. sharp."
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