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Half Fast weekend rides 24 & 25 August

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Here comes the weekend, bikers!

Saturday 24th August - Beer Village by the Bay (Leo)

Ride destination: Kirin Beer Village, northern Yokohama by the bay. (Plan to return by train, with bike bag).
There are 2 restaurants and a BBQ garden to choose from at this beer factory. It's savory.

Ride: 2 x 20m and 2 x 40m hills and the rest flat. Sharp downhill requires brakes in good condition. We cruise along 3 sports facilities, 8 parks, two creeks, 3 rivers, waterfronts, temples, suburbia, and a rice field. Total distance about 55km to the Beer Village. Not all that fast mind you - a lot of winding. Pretty good shade on a sunny day too.
Optional pick-up points: Y's Garage bike shop / Ota ku 12:35; along the Tsurumi river, east of Yokohama stadium at TBD; Yokohama bay front at TBD2; contact Leo to meet at any pick-up points.

Bring: helmet, bike bag, bike with good brakes, beer money, and extra clothes for the restaurant.

Start: Roppongi, Hyatt 11:00AM Finish: plan for your train around 4:30, maybe 3:30 if you are rushing.
Pub/restaurant: put some clothes on over your cycling clothes or change as we need to be pedestrians there. And we plan to catch the train home. (Shin-Koyasu = nearest station, JR and Keikyu lines) Destination link: http://www.kirin.co.jp/about/brewery/factory/yokohama/restaurant.html

Contact Leo for ride questions: o8o 5523 8434 leoramos @ yahoo . co . jp

Sunday 25th August - Hills Again

This time Chris and Warren are teaming up for a route on Sunday designed to take advantage of the (post-rain) cooler weather. Starting at Uenohara we will climb Tsuru pass to Lake Okutama, grab lunch, and then ascend Tomi no Mori for the gorgeous descent to Musashi-Itsukaichi. It might be raining when you leave your house, but by the time we start the ride at Uenohara at 09.15 it should have stopped. Take the JR Chuo Special Rapid from <Yotsuya at 07:46 or Shinjuku track 12 at 07:52> to Takao. Change at Takao for the local Chuo leaving 08:44 for Uenohara (09:06)., Warning this is lots of climbing and a long ride (80km), so no beginners. Bring your bike bag for the train, a lightweight coat, and a smile for the hills.
Chris o8o 3214 9572 ride_with_cb @ rocketmail.com
Warren o8o 2005 8654 warren.preen @ nomura.com
Here is a map link. Climbing is around 1600m total.

There will probably also be at least one easier ride on Sunday. Details when I get them from the (dis)organiser(s).

Keep the rubber side down, folks!

Please be vaguely aware that our next Pink Cow meeting will be on Thursday 12th September - a departure from the usual second-Wednesday plan.



Maximum Pace
Jul 3, 2012
I did the factory tour last year with work. It's pretty cool. You get 3 (I think) free beers at the end but you've only 20 or so minutes to drink them. No problem. The beer is amazing. To go on the tour I think you have to ring up and book a time before hand but its all free. You'll probably be asked if you are driving or cycling home before given drinking tickets. It's a good start before going to a restaurant for more beer and sausages. Anyway - I'm still breathing phlegm here so I doubt I can ride Saturday. I really hope I can ride Sunday though.
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