Half Fast Weekend rides 22 & 23 June

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Lots of rides on Saturday. Something for everyone I think. Just one on Sunday. Keep an eye on the weather - at the moment it looks OK. Many thanks to all our intrepid ride leaders.

-- Saturday 22nd June - Beginners' Ride to Haneda (James) --
Meet up at 10.00 in front of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills. 30 km out and back. Easy pace. All welcome. Wear a helmet. Don't wear earphones.
Leader is James: sw08023 at gmail dot com
-- Saturday 22nd June - Mountain ride (Francois) --

"On Saturday me and my friend are going to Hinohara from Hachioji station. Here is the route

Total:97 km
Gain 1300 m

It will be a relative slow pace during hill climb. Combini break at Uenohara.

Meeting point: Hachioji St. north exit at 8:45 and hit the road at 9:00 End: Hashimoto St.

If interested, please contact me at lancosjp07 at i dot softbank dot jp - Francois"

-- Saturday 22nd June - Three Rivers and a Food One (Ira) --
Meet at 8:00 a.m. (* early start *) at Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futago-tamagawa station.
We'll ride up the Tamagawa River for about 20 km to Yotsuya-bashi (near Y's Fuchu): Cross the bridge and ride the Asakawa River for about 10 km until Kitano station: Then we will ride the Yudonogawa River for about 10 km: Take a break at Food ONE! Then we head home as we ride 32 km back down the same Three Rivers to Tokyo.
Total 70 km - 75 km. Easy to Medium pace. No big hills. A great way to go a little farther and a little faster.
Meeting Point* (Just get close to the Three High Rises) Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futako Tamagawa station, right next to the Three High Rises towers by the people overpass. (Also very near Komazawa-dori and 7/11 at the bottom of the hill as you approach the three high rises coming down the hill from Kampachi dori.) http://goo.gl/maps/jtlR
Ira Stevens The BlueBerry Caboose o8o-5673-9o42 (call or send text to here)

-- Sunday 23rd June - Kasai Rinkai Park (Ira) --
Meet at 10.00 a.m. (* note early start *) at our usual spot in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills.
Ride our regular route out towards Odaiba, via Tsukiji but then head toward Tokyo Heliport and cross bridge to Kasai Rinkai Park for a ride of 22 km. Take a break at Kasai Rinkai Park. Then ride back via The Red River Road, the Tokyo Heliport, Wakasu Park, see the Gomi bridge, and stop at Odaiba for a second break. Total 55 - 60 km. The only hills are the bridges we have to cross. Easy to Medium with quick pace as we learn to ride a little faster and a little further.
Ira Stevens The BlueBerry Caboose o8o-5673-9o42 (call or send text to here)
That's all for now. See you out there. Keep the rubber side down!


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Setagaya, Tokyo
"Easy to medium" means the 55-60 km make it something more than a beginner’s ride, but not particularly challenging either (no significant climbing or race speeds). "Quick pace" would mean faster than a shopping bike. If you can manage 25 km/h you’ll be fine.


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
I think it means "as fast as Ira is comfortable riding at any given time, unless people complain".
A month or so ago, Ira started a ride of the same name by remarking that as there were no beginners present, perhaps we could go a little faster than usual. What was usual -- 20, maybe? Despite being a perpetual beginner, I decided to shut up and wait and find out. We cruised at 28 km/h, though actually Ira was zooming around taking photos and so forth and thus he had to go faster. Nobody complained. (Well, my body started to complain.) And though it was "Half Fast", the closest thing I saw to beer was the can of "All Free" that I bought at Food One and quaffed in a park shortly thereafter. Very enjoyable -- the ride, not just the near-beer.

TokyoTurtle , did you go today; and if so, how was it? (Me, I was instead at an interminable business meeting.)
Jun 6, 2013
Thanks mate, but I'm not in the city this weekend. When I'm out on my morning rides on my own, I usually cruise at speeds above 35km/h but I don't go out for more than 25km. Ira's pace for a 60km ride might be good to stretch the distance a bit. And quaffing an un-beer in a park in your cycling getup, how can you beat that?


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
Why, quaffing real beer, of course! My current fave is Vuur & Vlam (sadly out of stock at the single grog shop where I've seen it, and not expected to reappear). But the return trip would have had to be at least 2 km/h slower.
I agree, but the pic there shows this:

Maybe it's something "euro", but I'd want a beer glass and that amount of head is an insult.


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Maybe it's something "euro", but I'd want a beer glass and that amount of head is an insult.
Hard to see in the crap photo -- not your fault, of course, but instead the website's -- but yes, it does seem that this is a glass half-full of froth. Well, the bubbles will probably soon start to go down; and if they don't then memory tells me you can stick in a slightly greasy fingertip and thereby quickly diminish them. (I haven't tried this for years.) There's space there for the whole 330ml -- a satisfyingly large amount; but unlike 500ml and above, not so much that the last third goes flat or otherwise tired before you get to drink it. So it's a real beer glass. Still, serve it in what you will. (I generally drink mine from a Westmalle brand glass of similar shape.)