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Half Fast Weekend rides 13-15 July

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Hi bikers. The long, hot weekend is upon us. Pump up your tyres and oil your chain - let's bicycling already.

Quick summary of the menu:

Saturday 13th - Pizza Ride (with start points all over)
Sunday 14th - Odaiba Ride or Mountain Madness Ride
Monday 15th - Miura Ride

Now all the gory details:

Saturday 13th - The Pizza Ride

Three groups will join up on the Tamagawa and ride out to Lake Tsukui, a couple of hills, and to Dream Farm (http://vita.tc/shops/28) for a great Pizza lunch. Come back by train (if you bring your bike bag) or ride back to Tokyo. Total distance will depend on where you start, and how you come back. More or less than 100 km, so NOT a ride for beginners. Sounds like great fun.

The three start points...
07.30 in front of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills (Sal 090-7816-4612, [email protected])
08.00 at Shinjuku Station Southern Terrace Exit (Chris 080-3214-9572, [email protected])
0815 at Three Rises, Futagotamagawa http://goo.gl/maps/jtlR (Ira 080-5673-9042)

Additional pick-up points on the way are: Y's Fuchu Bridge at 09.30; Kitano Station (near McDonalds and SunKus) at 10.00 (text or call Ira 080-5673-9042)

Important: RSVP to Ira if you plan to join this ride. We have to confirm reservations at the restaurant. If you are slow it's best to join Ira's group from Futagotamagawa.

Sunday 14th July #1 - Beginners' Ride to Odaiba

Sal (090-7816-4612, [email protected]) will lead our classic beginners' picnic ride. Meet up at 10.00 in front of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills. 30 km out and back. Easy pace. All welcome. Wear a helmet. Don't wear earphones.

Sunday 14th July #2 - Mike's Mountain Madness

Penultimate Norikura training!? Meet up at 09.00 in front of JR Takao station. Ride a 50 km loop taking in three climbs totalling 1,300 m. Stop at the wonderful Fujiya atop Mt. Takao for ramen, gyoza and ice cream. Roll back down the hill to JR Takao sta. Attempt to stay hydrated. Some steep stuff. (RSVP Mike 080-3403-0239 [email protected])

Monday 15th July - Miura Peninsula Ride

Another HFC classic ride. Very special in the summer months because we can swim! We're going to the Miura Peninsula on Monday. This isn't a beginner ride, but neither is it a race! We'll be riding about 60km with some steep-ish sections (both up and down!) Wonderful scenery, roads through the rice paddies, a lighthouse, a windmill, and catch a nice beach bar. Route will be something like this.
Your train leaves Keikyu Shinagawa Station at 08:57. Use the front cars on the train as the back ones go to Zushi. You want a car that's going to Misaki-guchi and thus stops at Kurihama. Arrive Kurihama at 09:51. We'll aim to arrive at Misaki for lunch at about 11:30, perhaps visit the Dollhouse at Sajima, and finally hit the Blue Moon beach bar at Hayama Beach for more beer. Swimming definitely possible and very refreshing. Once we've had enough we'll wobble the last 5 kilometres to Zushi station, from whence back to Tokyo.

Led by Sal (090-7816-4612, [email protected])


That's all for now. Please contact the respective ride leaders if you have questions about the rides. Keep the rubber side down!


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