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Weekend Early Riders from Suginami-ku


Jan 25, 2013
To balance our time between cycling and family during the weekends, we usually start really early (5, 6am) do plus or minus 100km, come back by 11am. I live in Suginami area of Tokyo. If anyone's interested we are always looking for new cycling friends to join us!


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
Hello Whatif, I live in Setagaya-ku. What is a typical route for you and what kind of pace do you ride at? Thanks.

Byron Kidd

Jun 1, 2010
Cycling and family is one of the reasons I don't get out on long rides any more as my scales are tipped firmly in favor of family, so I get my cycling fix on the daily bicycle commute.

That being said, I also live in Suginami-ku and would also like to know the makeup of you group, typical pace, and routes you ride. I'm more of a social rider, enjoying some banter on the ride rather than a fitness fanatic.


Jan 25, 2013
Thank you for the interest!

Our usual ride during winter and flat training:


Course A1: Arakawa cycling road to Honda Airport 80km total

Course A2: Arakawa cycling road to Kumagaya Shinrin-Koen 135km total

Course A3: Arakawa cycling road to Tokyo bay 70km total

Course B1: Imperial palace endurance 70km ish

Course B2: Pass Kichijoji towards Tamagawa to Okutama Station 130km total

*Course A:

Suginami to Arakawa using Kanpachi is the entry point and we can meet anywhere along the way.

*Course B1:

We usually take Ome Kaido to Yasukuni Dori. We can meet anywhere along the way.


Hill-climb (usually during Summer since it's much cooler in the mountains):

Course C1: Ome Station, take 53 up to Chichibu area.

Course C2: Otsuki Station to Mt. Fuji Station 5

*Course C: (Rinko) train up using Chuo-Line 4:30 or 5:00AM

Again we can meet anywhere but our station is Nishiogikubo.

For these rides we usually come home around lunch time.


Current Team:

There are always two of us in the team, Japanese American and Singaporean dads with small kids. There are about 5 others who would join from time to time and international to domestic.



We usually try to keep 28km/h to 35km/h (not for hill climb)


Speeding Up
Jun 6, 2013
Nice routes, and as a father of a 3yr old and the family time that that involves your rides are right up my alley.
I don't live in or near Suginami, but several of your routes above are ones that I'm on regularly anyway.

Post on here specific plans for rides (which route, date, etc) please or else PM me with contact details and we can coordinate off the site.

Look forward to meeting up.
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