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Wednesday Ride...


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Thanks Travis for getting up in the cold for an Edo river roll on Wednesday morning.

We made it up to the end to Sekiyado and then turned around and did the downhill version. There was little wind but it decided to be in our faces the whole time I think.

We didn't go fast and we didin't go slow...I guess we were too busy talking.

I ended up doing a full lap of the river from Noda---> Sekiyado---> Tokyo Bay...I then went and looked around the town (Myouden) where I lived over 15 years ago. Had a bite and then back onto the river... back to Noda. The river is exactly 60 km long.

I was hoping to ride a bit more but I got home at around the 125km mark and drove to work..(should've kept riding).

Haven't had a ride over 70km for a long time...

I could have ridden all day today as well, as my classes were all cancelled at the high school and nobody told me till it was too late... lots of days off till the end of March so will be doing many more long rides before Golden Week...

Was a good week of riding...300+kms... :bike:
Not a problem, mate!

Seriously, it was a great ride!
I burned my arse up the river to get there on time - about 26km/h (into a slight headwind) - and when we hooked up the speed dropped a bit, thankfully. You weren't fully warmed-up yet, and I'd just ridden 25km non-stop.
But as we rode up the river, the speed gradually increased - plus, we had time to chat - and by the time we got to Sekiyado (45km), we were doing OK!
The ride down the river was a little quicker, because we had that slight tailwind...
By the way, Thanks for showing me your son's bike! I really do think my girlfriend will want to buy it! It's so much lighter than what she has now.
After that, we continued down the river. I had 90km on the clock by the time I got home, and I thought I'd catch the train to work, but as I was already in my bike clothes, I decided to ride into Tokyo as is.
Total for the day: 124km.
So, after we parted company, you headed down to Tokyo bay, right!?
As I was riding across Arakawa, I noticed that the wind had changed, and was blowing up the river a bit - That must have been pretty good for you on the return journey, eh!
Anyway, glad to hear that you got home safely!
Take care, and I'll PM you in the near future regarding the bike!
Rubber down! T
BTW, I clocked 270km over Mon, Tues, an Wed (with you) - 3 days. Not too bad!
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