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Wednesday Ride


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Planning a ride from Futako Tamagawa, over Takao, Miyagase and then to Hon Atsugi. It's a one way express for me but feel free to join and turn back to Tokyo halfway if you want.

As this is my first ride along the Tamagawa being a kanagawa lad anyone with knowledge on how to get to Takao R20 very very welcome. Although I have checked out this map so should be OK I think:confused:


I'll be ready to roll at 8.30:D

Anyone off this Wed?
Darn! Unfortunately I have a morning meeting -- otherwise this is tempting. Andy and I were thinking about another Arakawa adventure, I'll ask him if he's up for this..
Was a good ride on Wednesday, I'd be keen to do it again, especially if we got some more folks interested.
Dale (dagl), thanks for joining me mate. It was good to have the company and your Garmin certainly was a big help for a Tokyo first timer like me!

We went a bit far up the Tamagawa but eventually found the right road to go over Takao and onto Sagamiko. After this ride my respect has gone right up to all you Tokyoites who ride out to the mountains on a regular basis...coz man there's alot of traffic to deal with:mad:

Dunno if my lady is gonna be so happy but I can't see myself doing many rides from Futako-Tamagawa with the mountains at my doorstep:confused:
Mike -- I'm glad you made it out there. I'm curious what route you took, as you described it involving a lot of traffic. From my home -- not far from where you started -- I can get to the mountains via the rivers with almost zero car traffic. Hopefully one of these weekends I can show you the way and see how it compares with the route you took.

Deej, that sounds like a plan. I hope we can tee this up soon mate:D Dale and I rode along the tamagawa for around 30 km I think (maybe you can help here Dale) and then turned off looking for R20. This is where we got a bit lost, but we were able to make our way through Hachioji to Takao and that's where we hit a lot of dump trucks and traffic:mad:

If you keep going along the Tamagawa do you eventualy get near the start of the Wada climb? I imagine that bike track must be busy on the weekends though? Is it difficult to get up to good speeds?

p.s. Deej, lately I've been going through the "Time for a new steed" blues again. I've been researching on the web, looking at bike shops and haven't found anything that has the 'wow' factor yet. While I have been a bit tempted by the old Pinarello F4:13, the new model hasn't grabbed me coz of its paint job. I also think a lot of these frames are overpriced! I found myself coming back and looking at pics of Black Thunder. Are you still happy with it? It certainly looks beautiful;) I noticed on the Ribble site they still have them for sale, not in naked carbon though....
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