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Wed. Wankers Takao


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Oct 11, 2009
This Wed. Easy / Moderate Takao Loop

I'm going back to Takao for a redux on Wed morn if anyone is interested. Leave Takao station at 8am, then do the Fujino -> Wada -> Takao loop. Back by 11 and on to work at time. Speed and stress not an issue - at least 3 of us will be on fixed gear. Just looking to up the hill time without crushing knees and egos.
Yeah I'm down. Will be riding to Takao along the tamagawa+route20 if anybody else is interested.
Sounds good! I'll pass on the info. I'm heading out from Shinjuku / Nakano.
Sorry I'm gonna have to bail on wednesday. I forgot my girlfriend's old man is meant to be coming by to pick some stuff up, so I have to hang around the house :(
Because just like "Wan####" riding Takao - Wada - Takao on a fixie is sure to send you blind.
Haha! No kidding. Anyway :

a) After pounding after the keirin guy to Fujino, I realized that I was pretty much in sub-wanker category.

b) Hitting this ride at least a few times more would hopefully elevate me to at least full wanker category.

What's with this route anyway and the +60's titanium MTBers? When I was stalled nearly to a track stand on one of the pitches, a couple of elderly mountain goats pedalled by, sweating and smiling profusely at my 'situation'. I was all up thinking how, here I am, 52+ kicking my ass up this hill, yada yada -- and damn! Here goes MY GRANDFATHER whizzing by!

I am truly, not worthy. Therefore carry the scarlet 'W' awhile longer.
I think we might be witnessing one of those cross-Atlantic semantic shifts here... :warau:


(see "Usage" section...)

Also from wiki:
Wanker in other contexts

Wanker is also a German surname.
Not in the Germany where I come from. That's defamation!

GSAstuto: It's been a while that I was wanking Wednesdays/took my fixed gear into the hills. Would like to join.
Also, since I'm departing from West-Shinjuku too, maybe we can find a common starting point to ride out to Takao together?
So, can a girl join a wanker ride? It's my last day of spring break and if you let me know your route from Shinjuku/Nakano, I'll meet you along the way (I'm coming from Kichijoji).

Don't worry, my speed up the climb will probably be good for your confidence...:eek:

I'll PM you my cell phone info.
I`ll come too. If only to see guys on single gear bikes riding Wada!:eek:
I keep looking for another gear even with a compact crank and 28 rear...:eek:
I`m in Chofu so best to meet up somewhere on the Tamagawa.
Props to the 'Wada-neers' who made this mini-excursion. We had a small delay at the station, but this allowed us to hook up with Kori and made the full trip along with Andy. Unfortunately due to urgent biz matters and delay JamesF had to return prior to the Fujino turn-off. This time I rode it in a 44/20 , for sure the reverse loop will require the 40/20 as the narrowness of the road doesn't allow too much traversing. Mega props to Kori for superbly handling a full on blow out of her rear tire on the descent! And thanks to Andy for having actually packed along a suitable tube! I'll post some 'summit pics' on my blog. Hopefully get a chance to do this again on Sat or Sun, maybe the reverse loop this time.
Another Wanker in Tokyo...

'Twas a nice little ride. Not too fast really. I ended with 47km and 2 1/2 hrs. Kori rode out from Kichijoji, so I'm sure she ended with over 100km for the day.

My chain was slipping in my lowest gears on the steeper bits, so I ended up mashing a little harder than I intended. Note to self, keep chain clean...

Anyway, it was fun. Let's get some more in. Kori, you able to get any more weekday morning rides in? Mikio says he might could 1day/week on his fixie.

Looking forward to Kusatsu.
Keeping the guardian angel busy...

It was my first successful climb on the new bike :D. ...even though I did get beat by Tim and his fixie:eek:

I'd be interested in going again on Saturday, I think, but would rather not go down the closed road again. I've replayed the slipping sliding and blow out in my head and am not sure I want to test fate at the same spot quite so soon.

For the record, the high speed and the blow out were more consecutive than coincidental. There was a curve with water on the road, there was debris around. There was me going way too fast. There was some high speed skidding and coming so close to falling off that I came out of the clips... but somehow the bike remained upright, didn't slide into the guard rail and continued down the road with me still on it. Somehow. I stopped to catch my breath and ponder how many cat lives I have left, and after a moment when I heard the boys catching up I started to move again and the tube exploded, with the tire bead coming off of the wheel... So, I don't know exactly how that happened but must say that was the biggest adrenaline rush I've had since I got my ass kicked by a puma in Bolivia.... with a special thanks to my guardian angel.:confused:

Thank you Tim and Andrew for helping me change the tube, my hands were shaking so bad it would have taken me ages.

See you out there again soon. :bike:
I but must say that was the biggest adrenaline rush I've had since I got my ass kicked by a puma in Bolivia....

I`m sure I`m not the only one who wouldn`t think it wasted bandwidth to read that story in more detail!:eek:
agreed! With Photos too please!
Yep, but remember that in Japan you have to pixelate certain areas on photos.
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