Wed 23rd Tomin no Mori

Aug 20, 2010
I'm thinking of riding from town along the Tamagawa and up to Tomin no Mori to see the autumn foliage tomorrow (approximate route). I'll probably follow the road down to Okutama-ko and ride along 411 to Okutama Station to lunch and rinko back, but this is subject to change.

I hope to set-off early, around 6, so aiming to be at Musashi Itsukaichi by 08:30.

So far, it's only me so would definitely appreciate some company! If anyone is interested, I could meet at Tamagawara Bashi at 07:00 or MI at 08:30.



Maximum Pace
Jun 24, 2010
I am planning to go out that way tomorrow. Is Tamagawara Bashi the one on route 19 at the 24.5km mark on the route you posted? If so, I can see you there at 7am on the North/East side of the river where the bike path comes up to the bridge.


Speeding Up
Feb 18, 2010
Toyotashi,Aichi pref, Japan
Chirag,and all

It's been while.
Could I join in this?
I prefer start from Tamagawara bashi 7:00.

I try to wake up hurry.

I left training for long time,almost 2 months so please take it easy for me:warau:

And I need to go back my place(kawasaki) by 16:30 ,
So some case going to back early.
Well it's about time I got proper acquainted with my bike and Okutama once again so thanks for posting Chirag !

I'll ride out on Itsukaichi Kaido (maybe you'll pass me Tim ?) and aim to be at Musashi Itsukaiichi 8:30AM. In front of the station area I assume ?

Great ride today ! Nice to see you all again Chirag, Tim and Fumiki (aka The Mayor) - and great to meet you Doug, another titanium aficionado.

Doug and I descended the north of Kazahari and had lunch at the ramen shop before going our separate ways: Doug cycling the long way back to Tokyo, and me up to Matsuhime. Some stunning Autumn colors but the legs were just not working after that rather ridiculous pace up Kazahari :eek:uch:

Reckon there's probably another week left of decent colors at slightly lower elevations so might try to fit in a Wada-Yabitsu ride on Sunday (would love to join Phil's Boso ride on Saturday but other commitments unfortunately)