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Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
When will they get it right?
There are quite a few names I've thought of for those stupid imbeciles who pretend to be able to tell us what the weather will be like in the next few days (many of the names however, are not suitable for a public forum).
Typhoon! Typhoon! Typhoon! ..... Bullsh*t!
It's fair enough to say that Taiwan, Okinawa & Kyushu got hit pretty hard; I'm not disputing that, and my heart goes out to them. But, for the guys in the meteorology department to spin their doom & gloom tripe about said typhoon heading towards Tokyo was just plain rubbish! (I'm actually only disappointed because I believed it!)
I usually use the Yahoo animated "cloud distribution" page to make my judgments, and I'd like to think they're not too bad (better than the pessimistic pr*cks on TV anyway):

OK, just rambling because I had to cancel a ride, because every channel on TV was raving about how bad this thing was going to be - And for the record, not ONE of them had the guts to even suggest, "...it's a slow mover, and has been fairly intense, so the likelihood of it burning out before even reaching Nagoya is quite high" - Better to throw the television out altogether!
Besides, and this is for my Aussie brethren out there; Back home we'd just say, "Aah, it's just a little storm mate! She'll be right! It'll blow over in no time, right Dave?" "Yeah Dad!"


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
I'm right with you T. What a pain in the ass. I was really looking forward to riding with my mates today. Looks like I'll have to go out for a spin alone after a great plan was ruined:mad:


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
Risk ...

Agree that news tends to get a bit out of hand here. Was all but expecting the house to be washed into some remote valley after the news last night.

Will be heading out again on the Kazahari, Matsuhime, Otoge loop from Musashi Itukaichi tomorrow if anyone is interested.


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Agree that news tends to get a bit out of hand here. Was all but expecting the house to be washed into some remote valley after the news last night.

Will be heading out again on the Kazahari, Matsuhime, Otoge loop from Musashi Itukaichi tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Hi, Lee! You can count me in!

Were you climbing O-toge from the north? Is the road fixed now?
Last time we've been there - it certainly felt like one of our hikling adventures :warau:

Let's discuss it in PM in order not to flood here :)


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
try this one


That's the kanto area radar feed. I'm no expert, but I'll guess that most any news/internet weather report gets it's basic info from the JMA, and then puts a "skin" on it to make it look like their own.

I use that site several times a day, sometimes more, and strongly prefer the japanese to the english version (link at the upper right, but it may just be what I've gotten used to). The radar seems very accurate, but there are occasional false returns--some clouds, without rain coming down beneath them, do sometimes show up as rain on that feed. It's not very often tho, and after a little experience with it and looking outside you can kind of second-guess it. It almost never errs the other way, showing it clear when it is in fact raining (tho summer thundershowers can spring up quickly).

Also there is a link for typhoons and earthquakes and weekly forecasts, and some wx maps (isobars). I watched the most recent typhoon plod past ishigaki and on up this way

There's also a wind picture:


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
Travis, I feel your pain, man. But it really did appear that a whopper of a storm was bearing down on us. We got juked!

When the sun started pouring in through the windows this morning, I was going mad with the desire to ride. But I had told my wife earlier in the morning that I wasn't going to get on my bike today. So I quickly hatched a plan. I did all of the dishes, folded the laundry and did some other housecleaning to soften my wife up a bit, then I asked her if it would be OK if I went for a ride. She saw right through my pathetic attempt to butter her up but nevertheless gave me the green light.

So I did my usual quickie Takao-Jimba loop, which takes a little over five hours. I went for records on both climbs, but fell short each time. (OK, Simon, are you listening?) For the Otarumi climb (as measured from the FamilyMart to the overpass), I got 13:35 -- 35 seconds behind my record (there was a slight headwind on the approach, but I refuse to make excuses ;)), while I got 25:40 on the Wada climb (from the west), 19 seconds off my best pace. Dang, what gives?

However, I did manage to log my best total time, so I must have had a little more power on the flats. (C'mon, it wouldn't be a true Deej post without at least one tale of triumph.)

The bad news is that on the ride home, my left knee started to hurt in the same place it did a few months back, and it's not the kind of knee pain that just goes away after a couple days' rest. I know my saddle is high enough, and my KOPS is all sorted out, so I think the problem is just plain overuse. I've been hitting the mountains hard every weekend (plus on a couple weekdays) now for almost two months. Unfortunately, Hotaka is coming up, so I really need to keep my form. Bummer.

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