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Wear a helmet


Sep 2, 2009
A few of you may know; I was a BMX rider for a decade. Mainly street riding in the UK, but travelled around. Was a skatepark rider too, and entered some low level contests before the whole internet thing took off and made the scene expand. For me, it was all about ledges and rails. Forwards, backwards, crooked, switch-foot, Ice-pick, tooth-pick, rail to barspin, etc.

Anyway, despite loving it, I fell out with the BMX scene around 2007; shagged knee, and decided I was too old for it, mainly. Of course, I got a bit fat after not riding, then gradually got back into it over the last couple of years (feel free to add your standard dig here, FarEast).

I looked into the scene recently, mainly out of nostalgia, and saw that my all time favourite rider, Mike Aitken, had crashed. Big time.

Really upset me to see this, as I spent some time in Texas riding, back in the day, and met him down there when his tour-bus happened to be in town at the time. Spent some time hitting up a load of brilliant street spots, getting drunk with him and his mates and generally just being cool. He was an incredible rider, especially on ramps / street furniture he considered ramps. They way he shifted his bike around was like magic to me, as a young lad.

We emailed each-other for a couple of years after I went back to England, just about bike stuff (mainly he wanted gossip on what my design mates were planning), but we had some cocky banter, and he seemed cool. It faded out after a bit, as thing do...

Then, I saw this...


Oh no.

You do not want this to happen to you.

Saddens me deeply to watch this, but I think you all need to, to realise how dangerous this all is, and that if you consider riding without a helmet, you are a fool.

Sorry to post such a grim reminder, but I have a personal attachment and felt the need to post.

Stay safe out there.



May 11, 2011
A tragic accident indeed, but it looks like he has been able to make a very remarkable recovery. Puts things in perspective. It always seems to be a part of the track that you have ridden countless times, or that jump you have landed a hundred times before. I have first hand experience with the pain and tragedy that extreme sports can cause, even when you wear a helmet and protective gear. Be careful.
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