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Water too cold to drink


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Ice cold water, direct from the fridge, exposed to -5C (at first, then warning up to -2) for an hour and a half becomes too cold to drink. I discovered that this morning, as I attempted to revive myself on the bridge at Enoshima. The plastic of the bottle had hardened, but the strangely (to me) the water hadn't frozen. Why is that? Something to do with constantly being shaken up?

Needless to say, it was madness in Enoshima. View of Fuji + full moon + first sunrise of the year was a crowd-puller. There was mania in the air, with people literally sprinting down the path by the river to get to the bridge in time to see the sun rise. It was no place to be on a bike, that's for sure! :mad:

A 55 mile ride, and home by 9am, is a bracing way to start the new year, but I am knackered now, and am considering crawling back into bed ...

Anyway, Happy New Year. :D
Happy New Year!

It is unlikely your water actually cooled down below zero. And yes, continuous shaking will avoid it freezing, at least to a point. This is why rivers don't freeze completely.
Ludwig, thanks for your logical explanation!

Too damn cold to drink though! I might even resort to carrying a flask on my night rides ~ to keep water at room temperature.
just put the bottle in a jersey pocket, keeps it at body temp.
Happy New Year!

We did hatsu-hinode last year on the Kujukuri beach, but we were too lazy this time around :(

Hope everyone has a great year of riding.
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