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Wanted: your spring cleaning-Go Pro, wheels


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May 29, 2008
I guess this is kind of a classifieds thread. I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place but I know a lot of people have extra stuff cluttering up their aprtments but aren't necessarily actively trying to sell it.

I want to buy a Go Pro Helmet Camera. I had a lot of fun borrowing one over the winter holidays and now want my own. I remember a lot of people saying their liked theirs but actually didn't use them much.
Anyone want to trade for cash?

I'm also looking for a pair of 700cc wheels (or even just the back) for my commuter/camping bike. I friend helped me overhaul the bearings... but it's Sora Shimano quality crap and spokes don't seem to hold tension well and they really just need to be replaced. I love the bike but it's not supposed to be a racer. The wheels need to be bombproof and capable of carrying weight when the rack and panniers are on the bike.
Anyone want to sell me such wheels? If not, any suggestions?

(Picture Aug 1, 2008. About a day north of Sendai.)


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Jul 26, 2008
This bike has Deore XT hubs and Mavic Open Pro rims, spoke count is 32. The first build of the wheels was seemingly okay, but lots of pinging, and occasional broken spokes (at the hub). I had them re-done by someone else. They've been fine/perfect ever since and haven't needed the slightest bit of attention. I've only used pans on the back, and not that much weight, so I'm not sure how bullet-proof they are from that perspective, but I'm 85kg (on a good day) so if you're smaller, then something like this should do fine.

(buy something similar, these are not for sale)
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